Books To You and Adult Outreach Services

LFPL's Adult Outreach Services helps keep the community connected with library benefits. Through the Library’s Books to You service and collection delivery service, we will be able to mail or drop off circulating materials to many of those who are unable to drive or walk to one of our branches.

Books to You

LFPL Books To YouBooks To You uses the US Mail to ship 2-3 large print books at a time, free of charge, to qualifying library patrons. If you qualify, it provides you increased access to large print materials and audio books, allowing you to enjoy even more reading on your own schedule.   When ready to return the items, you simply zip them back into a special mailing pouch, flip the address card to show the library’s address, and the mail carrier will ship it back to the Main Library, at no charge to you. Click here for more information about this new service.

The Library’s Collection Delivery Service provides qualifying groups with sets of books each month. This allows groups to enjoy a rotating selection of titles picked to match patrons’ tastes. For more information about this program, e-mail. Among the benefits of this new service is a greater ability to provide outreach programming to adults in our community, including book talks, book discussion groups,  and “living history” discussions facilitated by our set of BiFolkal kits.  For more information about BiFolkal kits click here. For a list of BiFolkal kits LFPL owns click here.  

Kentucky has a long history of mobile library service that dates back to the 1930s, with a highly-organized bookmobile project that dates to 1954. LFPL is proud to serve thousands of underserved Metro Louisville patrons each month through our outreach programs. The adult outreach service continues to deliver books and provide library outreach to qualifying group residences. Though different from the traditional bookmobile service, we continue to bring large print and recorded media to as many groups as we can. Please e-mail, or call 574-1609, for details.


Last Updated: 3/11/11