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      • Background on graphic novels
        Since the next selection for the Mayor’s Book Club is a graphic novel, we thought a little bit of background would be of interest.

        The term “graphic novel” was coined by Will Eisner who is considered to be one of the most important creators in the realm of sequential art -- which essent

      • Mayor's Book Club a Success!
        Fifty people came to the first lunchtime meeting of the Mayor’s Book Club at the Main Library – and at least a third of them shared their views about Cutting for Stone , a novel by Abraham Verghese, a book they generally liked… especially its vivid picture of life in Ethiopia and a doctor’s wor

      • New titles?
        I think it's great to suggest other titles. It's nice to have some short books for busy people, too.

      • Welcome to Read Your Way Around the World’s community conversation about books with roots around the world.
        The goal: to encourage people to read international titles that stretch their horizons – whether they explore them in book groups or on their own. The Library’s international booklist is at

        Whether you are part of a book club or reading sol