Books To You Fact Sheet

The Louisville Free Public Library offers a free books-by-mail service called “Books To You” for people who qualify.  To qualify, you must 1) be unable to read regular print (newspaper print) and 2) have difficulty physically coming in to the Library.

We mail the items directly to your residence.  The mailing bags and shipping labels are stamped “Free Matter For The Blind,” meaning that the bag and books are mailed postage-free. 

Each bag holds 1-3 books.  When you are done with your bag of books, simply flip over the address card on the front of the bag and then give it to your postal carrier or drop it in any mailbox.  The bag will then be returned to the Library, postage-free.

Overdue fines will not accrue on the items you have checked out through this service.  However, you can only have one bag of books at a time, so the quicker you return your bag the sooner we can send you new items. You are responsible for the items checked out to you.  Any items that are lost or damaged will be billed to your library account.

There are two methods for selecting books you would like to read.  You can call 574-1609 and leave your contact information on the answering service. A library staff member will return your call as soon as possible, take your requests and talk with you about the program.  Or, if you have access to a computer, you may prefer to visit the Library’s website and place your requests via an online form.

If you don’t know the specific titles of books you would like to read, library staff are available to select books for you based on your favorite genre or style of writing.  For example, if you enjoy reading Mysteries, we can select materials for you based on that personal preference.  Your enrollment packet includes a questionnaire for you to fill out, so we will know more about what you enjoy reading.  Please take a moment to fill this out.

If you wish to ask questions or enroll in this program call 574-1609, or email.



Last Updated: 11/29/11