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Wordless Picture Books

Wordless picture books can be used to develop language and thinking skills in young children. Wordless picture books are useful in many ways, including getting children accustomed to left-to-right pattern of reading. More importantly, these books can enhance the following thinking skills:

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The Treasure Bath
by Dan Andreasen

At first reluctant, a boy ends up having fun in the bath, then doesn't want to get out!

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The Lion & the Mouse
by Jerry Pinkney

Chosen as the 2010 Caldecott winner, this beautifully illustrated book retells one of Aesop's most beloved fables about kindness.

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by Mary Newell DePalma

Dinosaur kicks the couch pillow, which sets off a series of disasters.

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The Chicken Thief
by Beatrice Rodriguez

An unexpected friendship develops in this retelling of the fairy tale The Fox and the Hen.


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Bear Despair
by Gaetan Doremus

Bear will do just about anything to get his teddy bear back, including gobbling those up who took it from him.

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Where's Walrus?
by Stephen Savage

Tired of the zoo, Walrus escapes. With the zookeeper in hot pursuit, Walrus disguises himself with various hats.

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Polo and the Magic Flute
by Regis Faller

In this brightly illustrated story, Polo sets off on another adventure - this one by boat.

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The Arrival
by Shaun Tan

This wordless graphic novel illustrates how strange a new country can look to a newly arrived immigrant.

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Wonder Bear
by Tao Nyeu

A new story will be discovered with each reading as two children plant some mysterious seeds and watch them grow.

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by Bill Thomson

Children's chalk drawings come to life - even a dinosaur. Will they be able to escape being eaten?


Last Updated: 12/19/12