LFPL Maker Pavilion Mission and Policies

The Library’s mission is to provide the people of Louisville and Jefferson County with the broadest possible access to knowledge, ideas, and information and to support them in their pursuit of learning.

The Northeast Regional Library Maker Pavilion (which includes the Maker Space, Media Studio, Kitchen and Porch) is a space for learning and exploration. It will provide Maker Pavilion users with access to technology and tools for creation. While some tools may require additional training before use, Maker Pavilion programs are designed to accommodate all skill and experience levels.

The Maker Pavilion is intended for programming and patron use, which may include drop-in hours and events with community partners.

All Maker Pavilion tools and hardware are free to use. An assortment of consumable material is available for use. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own materials for projects on all machines with the exception of the 3D printer. No outside filament may be used on this machine. Any outside material must be approved by Maker Pavilion staff.

Visitors must adhere to the Library’s Rules of Behavior while in the Maker Pavilion and on Library property.

Visitors may not imply library sponsorship or endorsement on any product created in the maker pavilion.

The Maker Pavilion and its tools are not intended for commercial use. Individual users are responsible for ensuring that they have permission to use and/or edit any material that may be subject to copyright.

Maker space policy:

Users aged 18+ are welcome to use the Maker Space independently after attending a 30-minute training and reading and signing the Maker Pavilion Waiver. Users 13-17 must attend a 30-minute training and have an adult guardian sign the Maker Pavilion Waiver. Users 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Items with “Training Required” labels require users to get one-on-one training before using these items independently. Users must follow the acceptable use rules below.

Users may be asked to leave the Maker Pavilion or Library property at large if they fail to comply with any of these rules.

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Last Updated: 7/26/19