LFPL Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Request - Registration Form (Print Version)

A registration form indicating the organization’s purpose, intended use of meeting rooms, and organization’s contact person (name, address, and telephone numbers - day and evening) must be on file with the Louisville Free Public Library. Please keep this information updated as changes occur.

All Meetings held in the library's meeting rooms must be free and open to the public

1. Today’s Date:                                         

2.  Organization Name:                                                                       

3.  Purpose of Organization:                                                               

4.  Date(s) of Meeting(s):                                                            

5. Meeting(s) Begin Time: ________________________________________

6. Meeting(s) End Time:___________________________________________

7.   Intended Use and Special Requests:                                                                                 ______________________________________________

7. Location to be used:
      Main:                        *Branch:                                    

*Due to construction, St. Matthews meeting rooms are currently unavailable

8.  Number of persons expected at meeting:                                       

9.  Name of Contact Person:                                                             

10.  Organization Address and Zip Code:                                                                   ______________________________________________

11. E-mailAddress:                                                                             

12.   Phone Number: 
(day):                                   (evening:)                                   

______ The meeting will be free and open to the public. (This must be checked in order for your group to meet.

I understand the policies for use of any meeting room of the Louisville Free Public Library.  I understand that our use of the meeting room may be cancelled if these policies are not followed.

Name (please print)                                                Title (please print)

Signature                                                                Date

Submitting this form does not confirm your meeting. You will be contacted using the information you provided to confirm your meeting room reservation date and time.


Last Updated: 10/16/2018