Previous SHORT COURSES at the Library

xxFall 2012

The Known Universe: This short course, taught by Jefferson Community and Technical College professor of physics Christopher M. Graney, was offered September 12 - October 10 at the Main Library.

For information related to this class, including the software Professor Graney used, telescope buying tips, and more - click here.

Music in the Black Church - Dr. A.T. Simpson Jr.  

Music in the Black Church:From Al Green to Aretha Franklin, from Mahalia Jackson to Quincy Jones, learn about music and the black church – its rich blend of traditional African music, American folk music, European classical music and American pop music traditions -- and its impact on American culture. This short course was taught by Bellarmine University music professor Dr. A.T. Simpson Jr. from October 9 -30 at the Main Library. Classes featured live performances from local singers and musicians, as well as a playlist of songs.


The U.S. Constitution: This four-week course taught by Uof L political science professor Dr. Jasmine Farrier, took a fresh look at the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, other amendments, and Constitutional interpretation in action..

For the class outline and suggested links - click here.

xxWinter 2013
Tragedy and Comedy masks  

Zan Sawyer-Dailey, associate director of Actors Theatre of Louisville, offered an inside view of The Changing role of Theater in America – also taking stock of ATL as it prepared to celebrate its 50th anniversary. 

For the class outline and links to the podcast - click here.


Science in the Garden: This four-week course, taught by Paul Cappiello, executive director of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Crestwood, Ky., explored the science of gardening – from plant biology to what’s-this-stuff-we-call-dirt.

For the class outline, links to the podcast, and suggested readings - click here.

xxSummer 2013
Coming of Age Anthology  

Heartaches and hard-won wisdom: Exploring coming-of-age short stories:  This four-week course, led by Dr. Patty Payette of the University of Louisville, explored the coming-of-age genre in short stories and memoirs by modern U.S. writers. 

For the class outline - click here.


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