Discord's Apple by Carrie Vaughn 
submitted by Jessica

What do King Arthur, the goddess Hera, and a comic book author have in common? They are all key characters in Carrie Vaughnís newest book, Discordís Apple. Evie Walker rushes home upon the news of her fatherís illness only to discover an unusual family inheritance. In the basement of her family home is the storeroom. The responsibility for the items in the storeroom has been passed down from parent to oldest child in Evieís family for thousands of years. As the world at large succumbs to treachery, war and ever increasing chaos, events in Evieís small Colorado hometown get stranger and stranger.

This is the first of Vaughnís books that I have read, but it wonít be the last. Discordís Apple is cleverly written with the suspenseful tension maintained throughout. It is mostly an entertaining read, with some thought provoking depictions of old gods and the ďgodsĒ of today. Vaughn also explores themes of power and abuse of power throughout the world and time. If you enjoy an occasional foray into the science fiction / fantasy genre check out Carrie Vaughnís Discordís Apple.

If you like Discord's Apple, check out Carrie Vaughn's other science fiction / fantasy Kitty Norville series, which I will be starting soon.


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