M*A*S*H by Richard Hooker 
submitted by Luke

Welcome to the 4077 or the Natural Double as the men and women of the Medical Army Surgical Hospital call it. All of the hero’s are here: Trapper John, Hawkeye, Duke, Hotlips Houlihan, Frank Burn, Radar O’Reilly, and the Colonel. MASH tells the story of three young army doctors in Korea who have to figure out a way to survive the hypocrisy of war – they save the lives of soldiers, only to see them sent back out to be killed again.

This book follows in the footsteps of “ All Quiet on the Western Front ” and “ Catch-22 ” as 20th century works that show the fallacies of war, but with a streak of dark comedic virtue. The classic scenes are all found in the book, the Pros from Dover, the incomplete suicide of Walter Kosciusko 'Painless Pole' Waldowski, the ringer football game, and more martini mornings than can be named. This is the book that inspired the movie that inspired the TV show that became an American institution.


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