The Alehouse Murders by Marueen Ash 
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Set at the start of the 13th century, The Alehouse Murders by Maureen Ash is the first in the Templar mystery series. In this opening tale, Bascot de Marins, a Templar Knight has recently returned to England after eight years as a Saracen captive. While imprisoned, he lost his right eye and during his escape from a ship wreck his right ankle was crushed. On his return to England, he finds that his family has all died of a plague, all of which plays a part in his loss of faith. To help him recover from his suffering in body and mind, de Marins is sent by the Templar Master in London to the city of Lincoln to service at the castle there under Nikolaa de la Haye, the castellan and her husband, the sheriff of the county.

Not long after his arrival, four people are founded murdered in an alehouse in Lincoln, including the barman. The only witness to this gruesome act is the alewife, who is found hiding in the out building. De Marins is asked by Nikolaa de la Haye to look into the murders and so he does with his young servant, Gianni at his side. What at first appears to be a simple, tavern brawl soon turns into a complicated who-dun-it. The Alehouse Murders, while having a few weak points, is an enjoyable read for fans of medieval history and/or historical mysteries, especially with its insights into life in Lincoln around 1200.

The order of the Templar Knight Mystery Series:
1. The Alehouse Murders
2. Death of a Squire
3. A Plague of Poison
4. Murder at Christ's Mass


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