What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris 
submitted by Jessica

It is the year 1811, just before King George III of Britain is set to be declared unfit to rule and his son, Prince George IV, is to be named Prince Regent. This distinctive and tumultuous time in history is the setting for C.S. Harris’ mystery novel, What Angels Fear . I must confess that the majority of Regency era books that I have read are primarily romance novels, beginning with all things Jane Austen and ending with all sorts of popular fiction that is not nearly so well written.

While sharing some familiar aspects with Regency romances, Harris gives us a grittier and more complex look at this time in history. Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin has recently returned from the Peninsular Wars. Unconventional at the best of times, he is now accused of the brutal murder of a young actress named Rachel York. Using skills he acquired in the war, Devlin is on the run from authorities and hiding in the underbelly of 1811 London. He is determined to bring Rachel York’s murderer to justice and clear his own name.

What Angels Fear is the first in C.S. Harris’s St. Cyr mystery series. It is a fast paced, suspenseful, and at times dark, mystery peppered with both real and imagined historical figures. C.S. Harris is a historian whose specialty is 19th century Europe and her expertise is demonstrated throughout this novel. The reader is shown the somewhat familiar world of Regency Era British aristocracy as well as the brutal poverty and desperation of the British poor. Overall, What Angels Fear is the beginning of a thoughtful and entertaining mystery series. I can see fans of Deanna Raybourn , Charles Tood , or Tasha Alexander enjoying this series as well.


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