Grow It Yourself 
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More and more Louisville children are lucky enough to have experiences with gardening and animal husbandry thanks to an increase in community gardens and local farms opening their gates. Urban gardening is growing in popularity, so why not check out a few books on the subject?

Even if the only place theyíve ever seen an egg is in a carton, your kids will get a kick out of "finding the egg" within the vivid photographs that illustrate this charming picture. It all takes place in the authorís own backyard and stars her own flock of smartly named chickens.

Tillie Lays An Egg by Terry Golson

Donít have a yard of your own but want to introduce your kids to gardening? Perhaps there is a community garden plot in your neighborhood. Let this story inspire your children to want to grow their own food while building community. It might just make them want to eat their vegetables.

Our Community Garden by Barbara Pollack

Interested in decorative gardening or beautification? Get inspired by this picture book based on a true story of urban renewal.

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

Maybe youíre more of a dreamer? You get excited with the endless possibilities that a seed catalog presents. If thatís the case, you might enjoy this spectacularly titled book of gardening inspired poems that flow from late winter into the planting season, through summer, and back to the first snow.

I Heard It from Alice Zucchini: Poems About the Garden
by Jaunita Havill

Interested in knowing more about local foods and community gardening? Then check out these links.

Brightside Community Gardens Page
Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service Community Gardens Page
Food Literacy Project
Breaking New Grounds


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