Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran 
submitted by Natalie

I read the most wonderful picture book by Alice McLerran that shows something refreshing in an age where some kids hardly go outdoors, or rarely detach themselves from their gaming systems and personal computers.

Roxaboxen shows children using their imaginations! I was curious about it just from the unusual title so I gave it a look see and highly recommend that you do, too.

Roxaboxen is based on a true story about a little patch of land in Yuma, Arizona that a group of children claimed with their own imaginations. The illustrations depict a simple town lovingly outlined with bits of rock and pottery.

Over many years of repeated visits to their beloved retreat, the inhabitants of Roxaboxen developed a currency, built homes out of discarded materials, had a cactus-filled jail for traffic violators, elected a mayor, sold ice cream and bread, had horses, played cars, and war.

Can you imagine? Children playing unsupervised with broken glass, and no one perished, except for the iguana for which they built a cemetery complete with a grave marker and flowers.

This book made me so nostalgic for the hours of imaginary outdoor play I put in as a girl. I am definitely buying a personal copy of this one to inspire my child to create such a rich place in our own backyard.

And speaking of imagination, the Libraryís Summer Reading program is in full swing. This year our theme is Myth, Magic, and Imagination. To learn more about summer reading at the library watch this video.


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