The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson 
submitted by Natalie

You should know from the start that this book has nothing to do with vampires. Sharp incisors do make a small appearance, but that’s all. I’d hate for you to be disappointed thinking this was yet another paranormal romance.

The Family Fang is instead the story of a peculiar family and the extent they go to create.

Somewhere within every art appreciation course the question, “What is art?” has no doubt come up. Performance artists, Camille and Caleb Fang define it as creating spectacle and watching/documenting the waves their actions make. The Fangs would have found their creative home within the Situationist Movement. Their physical home, as created by Kevin Wilson is an odd place for children to grow up. Their father shot a man in the arm as a creative act, their mother secretly makes disturbed paintings in miniature. Both eat candy for fuel and listen to Avant-garde records at deafening levels.

Annie, known as Child A and Buster, known as Child B never knew if a trip to the grocery store was simply an effort to get milk and bread or instead a plot derived by their parents to create chaos. This instability produced two rather damaged adults who return to the nest for a chance to heal themselves both physically and emotionally. The story fluctuates between Annie and Buster’s childhood and the present while ending in a predictably strange place.


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