Mid-Life by Joe Ollmann 
submitted by Tommy

I rarely read Graphic Novels for the simple reason that they are more Graphic than Novel. I think this is my fourth one so far. The others are Maus, Ghost World, and Daytripper. All were really good but Mid-Life by Joe Ollmann is my favorite of the four. Perhaps it is because I can identify with the subject matter. John is a 40 year old husband. He is the father of two grown daughters from his first marriage. He is currently married to a younger woman, Chan. They have an infant son and a few cats. His home life is a bunch of work with little reward. His body is changing for the worse, and he is frustrated and bored at work. John also has a wandering eye.

Enter Sherry Smalls. She is a “Children’s Performer.” John discovers her from a CD that he listens to with his son. He likes her picture on the cover and becomes obsessed with her. Sherry does alright with her job. It pays the bills, but she is unfulfilled and yearns from something more. Sherry’s band-mate and sometimes boyfriend, Ric, is a junkie and a big problem for her. Thus, the stars are aligned for John and Sherry to meet. Will they ever really meet face to face? Or will Sherry just remain a distant fantasy that helps John get through his humdrum days?


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