The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt 
submitted by Natalie

Set during the Gold Rush, The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt is narrated by a tenderhearted and remarkably self aware hit man, Eli Sisters. Eli struggles with his weight, matters of the heart, and the conflicting desire to venture into a simpler line of work. His brother Charlie on the other hand is an impenetrable killing machine who wakes up sick beside an empty bottle more often than not.

The story begins with the odd pair setting out on a job for a man known only as The Commodore. The Sisters boys are directed to head up to Oregon to meet up with a lookout then hunt down a prospector and return with his secret formula. They start their trip in a bit of a quarrel with Charlie being appointed the lead man on the trip then getting the better horse and all.

There are many points of hilarity as the brothers encounter both obstacles and pleasures on their journey. Readers will find themselves laughing and stopping to reflect, sometimes in the same paragraph, at the elegant yet deadpan dialogue that's easily imagined as an indie western screenplay.


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