Moon Called by Patricia Briggs 
submitted by Tony

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs is the first installment of an on-going series (there are currently five subsequent books). Like many first books in the Urban Fantasy genre, there is a good deal of exposition in order to describe the major supernatural beings that inhabit this world. However, the author handles it so smoothly that the reader never loses sight of the unfolding plot.

Mercedes Thompson, better known to the citizens of the Tri-Cities area as Mercy, is not your ordinary young woman. She loves vintage cars and owns her own garage, sure, but thatís not what makes her different. No, Mercy is a shapeshifter that takes the form of a coyote and was raised by werewolves. She regularly crosses paths with other creatures, such as her former boss (a gremlin), an old client (a vampire), and the local witch who cleans up evidence of activities that might reveal the existence of magic to the mundane world.

In pursuit of justice for a young werewolf taken into her care just days before his death, Mercy exacerbates tensions between two wolf packs and takes on nefarious lone wolves who work for a shadowy organization doing medical experimentation on other werewolves. She is also key to discovering the deadly secret that links the various factions to each other. Along the way, Mercy has to navigate the rivalry between a former lover and a potential suitor, each of whom is a powerful player in their respective wolf pack.

There is also a graphic novel adaptation of Moon Called that comes in two volumes.


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