Blood of the Reich by William Dietrich  
submitted by Luke

At the brink of World War II, Kurt Raeder and a team of Nazi mountaineers are sent to Tibet by Heinrich Himmler to search for the legendary city of Shambhala. Years earlier, Raeder had shared leadership of an expedition to the Himalayas with Benjamin Hood, an American zoologist and adventurer. When the United States government learns of the Nazi expedition, Benjamin Hood is recruited to return to Tibet to learn what Raeder is seeking and to stop him if necessary.

In the present day, Rominy Pickett, a descendant of Benjamin Hood, is pulled into her own adventure after she is saved from a car bomb by Jack Barrow, a reporter investigating the neo-Nazi group that set the bomb. Jack manages to convince Rominy that she must assist him in stopping the neo-Nazis' devious plans. The two stories run parallel before colliding at the CERN superconductor facility in Switzerland.

William Dietrich, known for his Ethan Gage series of historical thrillers (Napoleonís Pyramids, etc.), has crafted a rousing tale based on historical fact, mythological lore, Nazi occult obsessions, and modern physics. Blood of the Reich has mystery, intrigue, and plenty of cliff-hanging moments, all of which keep the adrenaline high as the story rockets to its conclusion.


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