The Family Business by Carl Weber and Eric Pete 
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A lot of people have an abundance of friends that they can count on. Friends that will help you through anything, do anything for you, if only you would ask. But can you say the same thing about family? Family is supposed to stick by you through thick and thin. They stand by you whether you are rich or poor. They will also do things for and with you that can cause you to question, how loyal are you. Thatís the kind of family you will meet in the book The Family Business by Carl Weber and Eric Pete.

Meet the Duncans. The Duncans are one of the richest and most influential families in the state of New York. The family business is Duncan Motors and their product is high class motor vehicles.

The patriarch of the family is LC. The mother, Charlotte, is known to her family as Chippy. There are also two daughters, London and Paris, and four sons, Junior, Vegas, Orlando, and Rio. Their mother named them after all of the cities that she would like to visit around the world.

The eldest daughter, London, is married to a lawyer named Harris, who also happens to be the familyís attorney. Paris and Rio are twins who are frequently mentioned in the society section of the newspaper. Orlando is all about the family business. Junior seems to be really laid back and likes to work on the cars that have made his family so lucrative. And then there is Vegas; he has a strong presence in the book but is not present.

LC has built his familyís empire so that the family will never want for anything and will stop at nothing to make sure that they have the best of everything. When tragedy strikes the family, closely-held information begins to leak out about just how far he will go for family. Thereís much more to this familyís business than cars!

Iím always drawn to Carl Weberís works. They are always filled with drama, intrigue, and just enough intimacy to wet your whistle. He has a way of weaving a tale around something so small and then catching your breath when that item becomes larger than life. Mr. Weber mentions places from previous books (for example, the First Jamaica Ministries church) to let you know that each tale is tied together in a common world.

You will not be disappointed when reading this novel. In fact, once you pick it up, you may not want to put it down until itís finished. If you wind up wanting more, donít worry. This is only the first book in the series.

Have fun!


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