One Way or Another by Rhonda Bowen 
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Toni Shields is a hard-nosed reporter who will go to great lengths for a story. This is how we find her at the beginning of One Way or Another. Toni and her best friend, Afrika, are caught snooping on the mayor of Atlanta and they are arrested and taken to jail.

It is here that she runs into Adam Bayne. Adam is the director of a youth halfway house called Jacobís House. Although they donít exchange words, there is electricity between the two of them that canít be denied.

When Toni is reassigned to the journalist pool at work, having almost caused the paper a lawsuit, she still finds a way to get front page stories using a pseudonym. Her big story revolves around a young manís incarceration, Jacobís House, and Adam Bayne. Adam appears to have a dislike for Toni, who he learns is the sister of his best friend, Trey. Toni also appears to not take to Adam as well but, as they see more of each other and begin to know each other better, their feelings begin to change.

Adam has hidden a secret for years from everyone including his best friend. When this secret is revealed, it causes a rift between Adam and the boys at the youth center, and also between Toni and himself. How will Toni handle this betrayal? And how can Adam rectify his image, which has now been damaged?

I felt that the author, Rhonda Bowen, captured the essence of her characters throughout this book. Toni was a no holds barred type of woman, but that was just her outer shell. On the inside, Toni was deeply fragile and still unable to cope with the tragedies of her past. Adam, on the other hand, seemed to be level headed and in control, but he too had things in his past that he needed to deal with in order to be complete.

This book is a Christian Fiction novel. Readers can feel refreshed with its content and the message that it portrays, which is to face your past, deal with the consequences, and learn to live your life. Ms. Bowen has another novel, Man Enough for Me, which is also a page turner.

I think that people will truly enjoy One Way or Another and look forward to hearing others' thoughts.

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