Just Kids by Patti Smith 
submitted by Tommy

Iíve been meaning to read this book for two years and just got to it. I regret that it took me so long. Having been a fan of Patti Smithís music for decades, I am now a fan of her writing. These memoirs have the ease of her speaking voice. At once both soothing and painful, it is one of those books that I canít put down. She has been through a lot of personal grief, but is able to use her wisdom and the teachings of other wise people to pull through.

But as much as Iíve been into Patti and her music, I knew nothing about Robert Mapplethorpe, her lifelong soul mate, except that he was an artist. Just Kids is a good starting place for information about him and his tragic death. I must admit that this part of the book made me cry.

The more I read about Patti, the more I like her. She likes all the stuff that I like: poetry, Brian Jones, Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin, Rimbaud, Jim Morrison, Jim Carroll, Janis Joplin, The Beats, The Velvet Underground, and Sam Shepard.

Even before she was a singer/songwriter, she was in love with music. She lived in NYC in the late 60ís/early 70ís. She lived in the Chelsea Hotel for a time, and at a wonderful time to be at both The Chelsea and in NYC. This book makes me lonesome for New York.

This book has many stories and they weave through time like a history lesson that is both personal and universal. Her honesty is remarkable. Just Kids is a must read!

The library has a lot of her music which you can find by clicking here.

The library also owns a great DVD on her called Dream of Life.

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