Want to Go Private? by Sarah Littman  
submitted by Damera

Teenagers today breath, sleep, and eat technology. They are either texting, chatting on Facebook, or sending tweets with Twitter. This is how Abby Johnston and her best friend, Faith, meet Luke. They are chatting with each other on a new teen website called ChezTeen.com. Soon Abby is chatting with Luke daily even though he is older. Gradually the story becomes even more intriguing and also scary. Luke has Abby doing things that are very uncomfortable for her but she wants to do things for him because he “loves” her.

I must admit that when I first started reading Want to Go Private, I was a little bit thrown. It is an older teen novel but some of the content was very adult in nature. As I got more into the story, I realized that it is a perfect book for parents to read and also share with their kids.

It is a great example of the dangers of the Internet and what can happen when you act recklessly on the web. I believe that every parent of a child who has access to a computer should read this book. It changed my life and could possibly save a child.

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