Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry 
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Have you ever lost something and couldn't find it? Remember how frustrating that was? Echo is a high school senior who has lost something vital, memories of how she almost died and was left with scars covering both arms. Now in counseling, Echo wanted to regain her lost memories and stop the recurring nightmares. Once part of the social crowd, an A student, dating a hot jock, in her junior year everything changed...blood everywhere and a cry for help that wouldn't be answered soon enough. When she returned to school after several months' absence, all but a few of her former friends avoided her. Life sucked. Aries, her beloved brother, was dead. Her parents divorced, her mother was facing her own demons, and her dad had married Ashley, the babysitter, who is now pregnant. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Noah, a high school senior, had once been part of the social group too, but since his parent's death he and his younger brothers had been separated, with very limited visitation rights. Guilt and worry plagued him. Shuttled between indifferent foster parents, angry, compensating with drugs and sex, Noah is on a downhill slide. All he wants now is to graduate and make a home for his two younger brothers and himself; but if he doesn't bring up his grades and go to counseling sessions he has no chance at all of graduating or seeing his brothers.

Enter Mrs. Collins, the school Counselor. Echo is in need of money to repair her brother's car, Noah needs help to catch up on his studies and Mrs. Collins sees an opportunity for both of them to get what they want. Echo will tutor Noah and get paid; Noah will bring up his grades and graduate. Both are angry at the world, hurting for different reasons, can they stop fighting against each other long enough to listen and help themselves heal their open wounds?

In alternating chapters, Echo and Noah share their feelings, desires, nightmares and hopes for a better future on the pages of this beautifully written examination of a rotten slice of today’s life in our imperfect world. They will lean on each other, touch your heart and show us a side of life that many know exists but would rather ignore. In the end they will find their own answers and still leave us with enough room to imagine the rest.

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