Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren 
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Gabi and Lia aren’t having a great summer despite the fact that they are spending it in Italy. Their mother is an Etruscan scholar who drags her teenage daughters on searches for tombs to excavate. In a moment of teenage rebellion the sisters enter the latest tomb unseen. There are markings on the wall, pottery, and a set of handprints into which their hands fit perfectly. A time portal throws the sisters more than 600 years into the past where they find themselves in the center of a battle between two feuding families.

Gabi is saved by Marcello Forelli but her sister Lia is nowhere in sight. Taken into the Castello Forelli as a guest she puts her 21st Century skills to use with simple medical advice. She then lends her skills with a sword in battles against Castello Paratore, and offers insight into battle strategies. Everyday life is hard enough but when Gabi learns that Lia is a “guest” in the Castello Paratore no one will keep her from rescuing her sister.

While there is a good deal of historical fiction, there are also facts that bring everyday life in the 14th Century Italia to the forefront. There is romance, adventure, and intrigue as you might expect in any tale that takes place in Italy, but seen from the perspective of modern teens.

Though not labeled Christian fiction, the novel skirts the edges with its mention of beliefs, as well as its clean cut romantic adventures. By no means is the story preachy or lacking in adventure, romance, intrigue, or mystery.

And this is just the beginning as Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren is the first in a trilogy. The other two books in this series - known collectively as the River of Time - are Cascade and Torrent. For those who enjoy eBooks there are two novellas which heap more fuel onto the already heated storyline.

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