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Published by admin on Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to LFPL’s Technology Boot Camp, a six-week self-guided program that will teach you about the web’s most popular and useful resources. If you want to become more familiar with what the web has to offer, but don’t know where to start, this is the program for you!

Each week, here on the Technology Boot Camp website, we’ll introduce a different web technology and explain what it is, why you might use it, and how it works. We will cover blogging, cloud computing, social networking, photo sharing, and more. We’ll provide you with links to other instructional material and suggest exercises so that you can practice your new skills and explore the featured web technology.

Technology Boot Camp is a self-guided program. You can follow along with the technologies that interest you, and skip over those that don’t. Work at your own pace. Each week’s post will remain on the website for you to revisit and there is no deadline for completing the program.

For this program, you’ll need a computer with reliable internet access. Be sure your computer and web browser can play audio and video. Remember, each branch in the LFPL system has public computers with internet access.

The Library will be providing in-person help sessions for people who would like to talk to someone face-to-face about the topics presented in this program. Here’s a link to the schedule. These are informal sessions, so feel free to drop by. Don’t forget that the Library offers many computer classes, including some that cover topics discussed in this program. For a complete schedule, visit our events calendar.

If you have a question about the program or one of the presented technologies, please use the contact form. We’ll respond as quickly as we can.

Let’s get started!

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