Teen Summer Reading begins June 1st! 

Collin Sheffield 
If you like mysteries then you might want to try The Westing Game. It's hard to follow but after a while it gets awesome.

Out of all the books i read i liked Middle School The Worst Years of My Life was my favorite.

Finished my summer reading! Go books!

I have read so many good books from the library this summer. Try reading the winnie years series by amazing author Lauren miracle.

totally awesome books!! looking for a good one? try hoot by carl hiassen! it's a 'hoot'!

Metroid Man 
I'm so pumped that the LFPL has had another Teen Summer Reading program!:D
I really hope that they put another one up again next year!

this vid and things are so awesome i can't wait
to collect prizes

tsr is still and will always be cool! i love you all.

This years's reading program is based of of the hunger games I think. Yes! They're one of us!

Shyama Iyer 
The TSR is a good way to promote reading although most people I know don't really need it to keep reading. That's just how great books are!!!!!!!

I really like the reading program. I've done every year since I can remember.

This is so cool! i love Teen-summer reading.
i will do it again next year!

TSR is soo much fun! I can't wait to do it again next year!

Luke D 
I like the idea of summer reading, but im not a big reader. I guess i'll just deal with it.

I've done this every year since I was little. It's great for the summer because you don't have to read any certain books, you can just pick them out yourself. I have to admit, I always read about three times as many books as you need to. The prizes are nice too, especially the wristband.

i love reading and i read the hunger games trilogy. the 3rd one was a little hard to get into but it was good. my favorite is the very 1st one, the hunger games.

Ricky Sanders 3 
i love reading

Ricky Sanders 3 
i love reading this is a treat

I love the summer reading program

I love reading. But reading for prizes makes reading better

I love reading. I read the whole hunger games series!! Can't wait to finish this year!!

I think this is a good way of getting a free wrist band and a lot of other good things that could come in handy!!!

I love to do this every year and I love to read for the prizes!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Dylan N 

This summer reading looks fun but I really don't like to read but the prizes look cool.

I've always loved the summer reading programs at the libraries they always give out good prizes and motivate kids to read during the summer

marissa b 
i have always loved reading it's a big part of me i own a lot of books and reading makes me happy

i luv teen summer reading

Nate Donaldson 
I've finished but have not turned my prgram in yet. I also have to do the AllStar program.

Corey Baker 
Do I have to read library books?

jessie hennng 
i do this program every year i love all of the things you get. me and my siblings r all all most done with it

I love TSR! I wish we were allowed to do more of the crafts, like designing a new cover for a favorite book

My sister, Evonne, already completed this Summer Reading Program. She has recieved this prize. I really like this. She wears this product 24/7! I can't wait 'til i completed this.!! :)


summer reading is the best! you just got to love the prizes
and the fact that you get to pick out your own book or ask
a librarian

This is cool to win these prizes


This is a great program! It motivates me to read more great books!!

Sean Warner 
The library is the funnest place that i go to in louisville, Thanks.

i love the summer reading porgam it is the best thing i have ever done in my whloe entire life

TSL is the best thing at the library

sara smith 
I love summer reading--actually i just love reading. I read a lot everyday. I just read a book called vesper. It was pretty good.

Melanie Filippone! 
I love TSR

I luv the TSR its so fun!

I love TSR! It's so fun!

I love this program!!! It is pretty fun! I am a person that loves reading. This program gives me an excuse to read! lol i love this program! :)

sam womack 
the paper said post a note so here it is :


kay by-by

I really like doing TSR every year because even in the summer you can be rewarded with plenty of useful things only for reading a few good books! It also helps us gain knowledge and very admirable writing skills too. Reading is an adventure especially when you're sitting at home getting bored at summer time. Thanks TSR! :)

The TSR challange is so great, it really gets you involved in reading. I think that they should do more activities like TSR.(The prizes are also exciting).

LFPL Teen Services 

Bring whatever you made into the library and show the librarian when you come to claim your prizes. Thanks!

The Librarian

I'm totally excited about TSR this year. Call me a nerd but I really want the $100 Barnes and Noble gift card, as well as the laptop computer!

Very exciting!

I love this program! It's so cool!

I entering!! Its so easy since all i have to do is read 4 books!! I love LFPL!!

Got my books picked out. Working on the bookmark. This summer's gonna be full of reading and the Louisville Zoo. <3

dave johnson 
How do I show proof that I did what said I did

This reading program sounds fun, and keeps kids occupied during the summer!

LFPL Teen Services 
@Jennie - The books you read for teen summer reading do not have to be library books.

ha ha this has always been so easy !!!

this summer reading sounds fun. kinda wish we still got a bag instead of usb bracelet though. but it still looks cool.

Do I have to read library books?


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