Apps for Readers 
Here are a couple of cool apps for readers. First we have the Louisville Free Public Library's mobile app. Search the catalog, reserve or renew items, check your account, and see what's happening at the library. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, ask staff questions all at the touch of a button and all for FREE.
The second app is from YALSA(Young Adult Library Services Association). Search for books by title, genre, award, or list or create your own reading list. You can also use the app to find the book at a local library. It is called Teen Book Finder .

What are your favorite apps?

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i love books, but i have herd that the vampire books are wired, is this true.

Brooke Billiter 
I am going to get this app! So Excited!!!! :)

quentin hastings 
Awesome app.Is it for free?

Isaiah Peterson 
That would be so awesome to have an app like that. My favorite app is the minecraft pocket edition.

Reading is the BEST thing ever.

I had no idea that LFPL had an app! That is really cool! I will check that out! :) Also, I think that my favorite app would probably have to be Tiny Towers or Pocket Planes. They are made by the same people and are SOOO addicting!! ;)

Dayshanae A 
I didn't know that the library had a app. Im going to have to check it out!

Im reading the Enchanted Forest Chronicles im on the secend book thats called serching for dragons if is a book that is full of aventure and mystey

I can't wait to read some books from the library. I can't wait to get the app for my i-pod.

Alec Chamberlain  
My favorite books are vampire books. They're great
And go into heavy detail.

Jason Barrick 
Cool I didnt know the Louisville Free Public Library had an app. Im definitely going to check it out!!

My favorite app is. Artstudio Lite I like drawing!

I love reading graphic novels

Keonna Duke 
I think this is so cool I love to read and this helps alot

I'm with Lydia hope this is the comment space for the reading program. But if you guys want to read a good book you haven't read try flush by carl hiaasen

Alyssa Bryant 

Reading is a time of peace for me. Im so glad that there are places like librarys to check out free books. Best invention ever. Thanks LFPL. Oh and this is also my comment for the summer reading program. I attend cabbage patch, and my name is makenzie. I hope this helps(:

Gabriel Agrinsoni 
I think this is one of the greatest apps ever! Its really cool!

jillian givens 
Iscroll and i have 2 good books from here

jillian givens 
iscoll and i have 2 good book from here.

taylor morlan 
thta book looks awesome

Alyssa Bryant 
I Have 4 Books From This Awsome Library.......!!!!!

I Have 4 Books And I Think There Great..........!!!!!!!

Eric Rushing 
i love reading and i am so going to get that app so i can reserve my books from home.

Zachary Taylor 
I love reading grapic novels,comics,and humor books.

Lydia Sanders 
I like reading!!!!! I hope this is where you put a comment ffor the summer reading program. Reading rocks.

that is awesome i am going to get that i love READING

I got the Library app. I was so excited to have it!


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