Do You Like Books About Sports? 

Are you athletic? What are your favorite books about sports?

Sports are my favorite things to do in my past time because its gets you active. My favorite sport is Basketball and I love to play it because I am athletic and I like to move around.

i read sports illistrated all the time

I enjoy reading the monthly Sports Illustrated Kids. I enjoy the summer reading program because of the awsome prizes.

Patrick Spencer 
My favorite book about sports is Tangerine. I thought it was a really good book.

Jake R 
This program is awesome, it helped get me into a series that I love and can't put down.

Nolan Cook 
This is my last project to complete for the summer reading program!

Dani Kennedy 
I love the fact that the library still has JONAS books... When they get old and go on sale, they are MINE :3

Help me 
I love favorite sports is funning.I live thew hunger games

i read a book called The cobra king of Katmandu. By P.B. Kerr. it was a great book.

I really like sports. My favorite book about sports is The Running Dream. It's really good and has a good message too.

I love sports! One of my favorite sports books is Millicent Min, Girl Genius. It's about a girl named Millicent who skipped like 5 grades. She's 11 and about to begin her senior year of high school! Millicent doesn't have many friends, so her mom signs her up for volleyball so she can make some. Millicent turns out to be terrible at volleyball, but meets a (normal) girl named Emily while playing. Emily doesn't know Millicent's a genius when they meet. How will the friendship go? Will Emily learn the secret? Read the book to find out.

jacob strane-harrris 
the lfpl summer reading program is awesome i love doing doing it. i just read a brett favre biography and these sports books look really interesting to read!!!

Caleb Peterson 
The library is a great place to get books. I do this summer reading program every summer and if you are looking for a good read I suggest Matt Christopher books. Go Big or Go Home was a good book too.

austin .m. 
my tsr comment

I love sports, but I have never read any sporty books. I am really looking forward to reading a book about soccer, though.

i am read a book call the view by saturday.u should read it

Colton Ricks 
I love sports and like to play and read about them.

I like reading books about sports by the author of the big field, the last shot, and travel team. I also like reading books by tikki and ronde barber (go long and wild card).

I play field hockey. I have not really read any books on field hockey, though. I have read Swindle, a great book about mystery and baseball.

i love playing soccer but i have not read any books about sports yet

I love playing soccer. No I haven't read any sport books , but they all sound very interresting. :D

TaShara Hickman 
I do like sports, but I have not read a book about them yet.

Will Schneider 
I love sports books ecspecially by mike lupica, I play soccer and basketball. My favorite sports book is heart of a champion.

I just read a book called forged by fire and it is great you shuld check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am kind of an athlete because I love to play outside, when it's not so hot of course, but I don't really like to play on teams that much. I also do Karate, but that is like the only major thing I really stick to. My favorite sports books are probably ones that tell peoples' stories. Especially the stories where they learn to put God first and then others and then themselves. :)

I do summer reading program every year with the ymca, and this is my first year doing the teen summer readig progarm. I live close to a library and I go there ton study and look for books for my projects.

Nora Miodrag 
I'm an athlete, i play volleyball,swimming,used to play soccer and is joining tennis, i love reading about other special players and find their way to excellency and try their method to my experience.

wyatt humphrey 
I think that this is a great idea because it helps people become a better reader and it helps people be ready for the next grade they are attending.

Jake Humphrey 
I like this Teen Summer Reading activity, it gets you ready for middle school. And you get prizes for free if you participate.

hayden hooper 
I like sports, so I'm sure I'll like this book.

heck yeah I'm athletic I be hoopin it up...and my favorite book is game by Walter Dean Myers

heck yeah I'm athletic I be hoopin it up...and my favorite book is game by Walter Dean Myers

jay simpson 
i like the book about the game cause it talk about about a basketball

I'm a very sporty person i love sports i'm not really in to sports books butb these books sound really interesting.

i like sports book

I am very sporty,and the book soccerland looks interesting.most sport book are interesting.

I am very athletic and some sports books ive read in the past are the Matt Christopher and Mike Lupica series.

Billy Bob  
I love to read about and play sports! I play basketball myself, so I especially enjoy reading about that particular sport!!!!

Natalie Copeland 
I love to read and play sports!!! I play basketball myself, so I especially like to read about that particular sports!


i use to play soccer but i had to stop because of asmia and allergys now i swim and can get back into soccer. i love books about sports

I am not very sporty but i swim, so I consider swimming a sport. I like books about sports but not really playing them.

Erik Weizel Jr 
reading is one of my favorite things to do. when there is nothing to do, read, read, and read some more. this is my summer reading program post

harold alexander 
LFPL is the best place to go to and read books.

I love doing the summer reading program ! It is awesome :)

This is really cool!

Noah Ruzanka 
library has good books and u should come there I got a really cool book called haunted Louisvile.

Kelsey Buckman 
I completed my teen summer reading program(:

Brianna Porter 
the library a great place to come to i been coming for years there tutors is a very big help to students who have hard time learning it were you can explore a different world summer reading a great way to keep kids interactive and skill i do it it gives me more reading

Simon Farmer 
I love the LFPL it is awesome. I do the summer reading thing every year. I hope I win the super grand prize. There is a library right by my house. I wish I could go more often.


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