The 2012 Teen Summer Reading List 
From sports to games shows, cancer to murder, these books are sure to fill your summer with exciting reading!

Click here for the complete list.

The teen summer reading program can be okay, if you get good books. It depends on what type of books you like.

TSR ROCKS i do it every year

I love to read and do other activites.

I really like to read fantasy books and The Alchemyst was really good.

Carter Gordon 
I finished everything on my list except for one thing.

I don't read alot but the summer reading program encourages me to read more!

I just read little brother. its a great book.

I love the book little brother one of the best books I've read in a while!

The summer reading program is beneficial to me because i keep in mind the goal of the prizes when I'm reading so it helps me want to read more! :D

gavin pandher 
i love basketball and i love the book called hoops because its about basketball

I really enjoyed the book "First Part Last".I can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy!

Sounds interesting! I suggest the book Sherlock Holmes for any mystery lovers!

Ooh, I don't think I've ever read any of these books. I'll hope to read them before summer is over!

I read the Hunger Games series and really enjoyed it.The first one was the best,but now I am reading The Lord of the Rings. I read 40 HARD books last school year and am going to read more next school year.These were books 400 pages long like Landmark Herodotus.Try reading that in 3 weeks.

Teen Summer Reading is cool! i get smarter and get free stuff its a win win situation!

i love theese books

i love exciting adventure and mystery books my favorite is The Switch it is the best book ever!

I love the teen summer reading program! I'm going to do it next year no matter what!!!

I like this reading program because I get to read whatever book is my favorite. Plus the prizes are really cool.

I like books

I lovve catching fire yo

These books are awesome I am thinking about reading "Leverage" for my Teen Summer Reading Program! The Teen Summer Reading Program is awesome,I am reading a whole lot more than I did last summer!

I love raeding its good for you and it also helps with your spelling!!

Eliel Reyes 
I love the teen summer reading. I started it in 6th grade and in high school and i'm still doing it. Every year it is better and this year have enjoyed reading the books I have read this summer. Even though I finish the teen summer reading, I will continue to read and nothing will stop that.

i like ths summer reading program becasue it make read fun for me in the summer and in school

I like the reading prgram becasue it makes reading fun for me in the summer and i can yous the books for school

I love reading a good novel! This summer reading program has been fun!

the summer reading program a really good for teens. :)

Matthew Kennedy :) 
I have done the summer reading program for a couple of years now. After experience, I have concluded that it is a good way for kids to stay connected with books. The incentives are decent but most importantly it gives kids an oppurtunity to stay connected with school throughout the summer! :)

the summer reading this year was a great selection :) doing the summer reading challenge!! :3

The summer reading program is great and you get
The chance to win great prizes!

These books look good! I would like to try one of them out this summer!

awesome prizes this year!! I love this because i like reading so its really easy for me!!!!!

Great prizes this year

Christopher Curry 
i think it's very cool.

Christopher Curry 
I love the Teen Summer Reading Program because when get prizes for reading.And I think it's very cool.I want to win the grand prizes.

Catchig Fire is a really good book

Books I sudjest reading is Pictures of Hollis Woods. I think it's a great book. I Hope I win the prizes!!!! I'm putting my bets on the netbook. If I don't win the netbook, then my bets on The Hunger Games. BEST WISHES FOR EVERY PERSON WHO ENTERS!!!!!!!

I love to read. I am really into sci-fi and fantasy

I love to read. It is very fun.xc

None of these books looked, or sounded, good. If you read this comment you should read Bad girls dont die, and it's sequel From bad to cursed!!

Andrew p 
Even though reading isn't my favorite thing to do, I am still glad to have the chance to do the summer reading program and have found a couple books I have liked.

Ellyce Lascano 
i like to read and do sprts

Hannah G 
Reading is awesome cool!

Reading is awsome I do it every day

I love the lfpl teen summer reading activities! They really keep me busy during the summer & it's for a good cause!

I love reading public libraries rock!!! :)

I love reading! i like the teen summer reading thing except they give the same prizes everytime except the bag and grand prizes

I love reading so i'm so happy that they have the summer reading program now so i can get rewards for reading (even though i do it anyway.)

sada :) 
I love the Hunger Games series.

i've read like 10 books so far...aha! but i ahvent read any above books but i like Pretty Little Liars and the Maze Runner series.

Destiney Parker 
I love to read! my favorite series is the Hunger Games!

<3 to read ive done this program since i was in kindergarden it is awsome

Taylor Hunt 
Adding comment to LFPL teen blog.

omg most of my program is done about to read j-14 magazine

this reading program was fun

Love the secret series

Im so glad that im doing the summer reading program.I love reading. I've been reading most everyday this summer. In fact I just finished a book.

i dont read a lot but during the summer i do with this program.besides i use the books i read towards my school projects. so it works out. COOL

I have been doin the reading program forever,my aunt makes me. But I like, since the schools make us do summer projects.

I have enjoyed the teen summer reading program

i love to read right now im reading the twilight series it is awseome

Planet Middle School seems like a good book. I plan on reading it this summer.

Sha'Rell Sloan 
My avorite book is twilight series. Also I love the summer reading program because it gives you a chance to have fun while reading and its like a goal to read 4 books and do 4 activities to get better at reading and chances to get prizes.

I love the library!

I have never read any of these books, are they good?

I always go to the library for a good read. Every Thursday I go to the same one. I love books soooo much- and even when my parents get sooo annoyed when I reserve books, I love to read and I honestly wouldn't know what I'll do without them

hoops is a good book with struggle most people face

synthia medje 
I love to read. Reading is fun!!!!

I love to read, Im the only one that actually likes to read in my house and school!! I love libraries and books!

i love libaries my favorite book is lovely bones

i like to read and do the summer reading program at the public library. i want to win the prizes!!!!!!!!

I love the Teen Summer Reading Program! I love reading, so I've been reading all summer. I really don't know why I'm so hooked on reading. It's like all of a sudden every ten seconds my face is stuffed inside a book!


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