Pics From Programs 

Teens in the Underground got a close-up look at a baby skunk during the Co-existing with Wildlife program presented by Brigitte Williams of Second Chances Wildlife Center.

Local graphic artist Ted Nathanson led a workshop on creating comics recently in the Underground teen center at the Main branch of the Louisville Free Public Library.

Teens at the St. Matthews branch had fun taking hilarious pictures with funny props.

At Bon Air, these two friends created this image using the Comic Life iPad app.

Summer isn't over yet, check out these upcoming teen programs!

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cc corbett 
thasts awesome

Kathryn Hofmann 
i love the teen summer reading program because it has inspired me to read more often

These pitures look like fun! Most of the time the reading program is great, but not this year. I love to read awesome fantacy books, but three of the four books I had to read were for school (non-fiction)... so it was sorta boring.

Great blog!

The summer reading program was awesome! It helped me enjoy reading more! Also, I loved all of the choices of activities you could choose from! I love doing arts and crafts so I really enjoyed doing them in the program! Thank you for providing this program for teens!!!

I love the Teen Summer Reading Program. I'm so glad that I could finally do this program and not the little kids one (I'd been do that one for YEARS). Also, so far this summer I was barely reading at all. But then I remembered about the Teen Summer Reading Program and I'm like, "Oh, yeah, I need to go to the library!" I found some great books that I'd never read or even heard of before that I loved. Thanks so much!

The teen programs are so cool. I really love the teen writing club and the reading program is great as well!! I am very happy with our library. :)

That is so cool and it looks like fun how do you do it!!!:)

Jenna Nilsen 
This looks like a lot of fun!!!!!! hope you guys had a lot of fun!!

The summer reading program was great! it helped me enjoy reading over the summer more! It was fun, and the activities helped me boost my creativity. It was so much fun, and everyone should try it!

that looks really fun i hope i can do some programs

dacia berry 
hey! I just wanted to tell every body how amazing the teen program is and that its kind of nice how this program is spreading the awesome ways of a book to kids unlike me who don't read alot in the summer.Coming from me i loved the TSR was so cool. Even though it does not sound much fun, grab a book and jion the teen reading program you might be surprised how cool it is!

Sounds so much fun!!

this book is cool best book i ever read.

crystal alyc'e ferrell 
Nice pics...seem like fun

Alan Ocheretner 
This summer reading program was awesome. It really helped me enjoy reading more. It also let me take time off my day to read, which I would normally not do. Now I always take time off my day to read. It made me want to read!!! Thanks so much for providing me with this wonderful program for teens.


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