Tired of Reading Books by the Same Author?! 
Congratulations to those who have begun the library’s Teen Summer Reading program! You are one step closer to completing the program and earning the snazzy messenger bag and other great prizes. Now, you may come to a time when you have either read all the books by one particular author or finished reading the entire popular series such as The Hunger Games or House of Night.

Where do you go to try something different? These two sites show you where you can find similar titles and authors of your interest:

With Fantastic Fiction, you can find where a particular title falls in a series, an entire bibliography of what the author has published, similar authors to a particular genre, and even upcoming titles soon to be released.

NoveList offers reviews and is able to filter books/authors similar to your taste. You can even narrow down what genre of literature you enjoy. Broaden your horizons by exploring these two websites.

- Micah Followay, Shively Branch

Fried Chicken Man 
I actually like some of the great 20th century authors. My top two favorites are definitely C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Their novels the Chronicles of Narnia, and Lord of the Rings are simply amazing.

I read The Hunger Games and liked it and this website called Fantastic fiction helped me find other books I might like, helped me find other books by Suzanne Collins and other authors of interest. I recommend it to other readers.

Wow! Thanks so much for this program. I am so glad not only my younger sisters get to do a reading program! And I plan on trying out NoveList. Thanks so much, LFPL.
My family is staying here temporarily, and something our library in Akron, Ohio, does is have people sign up for the reading program, and every time you read 30 minutes or a whole book - depending on your age group, which ranges from preschool to adult - you fill out a slip. All slips get returned to the library, and every Monday they have drawings! Since my family is larger than most, we have each won something almost every year, like a beach bucket, bracelets, autographed books, dolls...
Thank you again. I love reading!!!!


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