Join us for Animecon X! 

Main Library, Friday, August 2, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

The Louisville Free Public Library is celebrating ten years of Animecon! The annual convention is a day-long celebration featuring anime-themed activities, games, contests, and more - FREE.

Highlights of this year’s event will include a performance by the Cincinnati-Dayton Taiko Drumming Group, a workshop on stop-motion animation, the annual ramen noodle eating contest, costume contests and anime screenings.

This event is free - Click Here to register or call 574-1620.

Teens ages 12-19.

I wish i could have made it to animeconX it looked like a lot of fun.

Joseph Falcon 
I wish i could come to this event. It would be nice to go play some games and enjoy the event.

Caleb Donaldson 
Looks cool, especially the ramen noodle eating contest!

Cole Railey 
A good book for people who love a good page turning book is the booked called Hatchet by author Gary Paulsen it's about a boy who goes to see his father and while he is flying over the thick, cold, Canadian forests the plane runs out of fuel and crashes and he goes through life changing obstacles while he tries to survive.

Damon Diaz 
I really lovers my book walk two moons it was a good and sad book I really would love to reread the book

Calvin McDonald 
I'll be there.


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