Fall for New Spins on Classic Fairytales  

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis is a wonderful mash-up of every fairy tale you’ve probably ever heard. Sunday Woodcutter is the seventh daughter of a seventh son, and magic seems to follow her around wherever she goes in the land of Arilland. One day she meets an enchanted frog named Grumble who is fascinated by Sunday’s stories of her family. Their friendship blossoms into a love complicated by the rivalry between their families. Two meddling fairy godmothers further thwart the lives of the young couple as they strive to figure out who they are and how they can be together. Kontis weaves together classic fairy tales such as The Frog Prince, Cinderella, and Jack and the Bean Stalk to create a world rich with magic and adventure. This delightfully spun modern fairy tale will keep you turning pages until the end. To find out if Sunday and her frog live happily ever after, you’ll have to check out Enchanted.

The Louisville Free Public Library has many other modern teen fairy tales to “enchant” you. Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross will take you into the world of Grimm’s fairy tales as sixteen year old Mira tries to uncover her fate. Ash by Malinda Lo is a retelling of Cinderella where fairies are real and often dangerous. In Mette Harrison’s The Princess and the Bear, a hound who was once a princess and a bear who was once a king must travel through time to regain their human selves. Curl up with one of these great reads to discover a whole new world of fairy tale adventures.

-Lynn Johnson, Childrens and Youth Services, Westport Branch


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