Teen Tech Tip of The Week #4: Free-Use Images 
Welcome back. We hope that you enjoyed a bit of fun with last week's leaf peeping apps. This week's tip shows you where you can get some freely-usable photos and images, like this one from the Apollo 17 mission to the moon.

Images can say quite a bit and can really help to deliver the message on a presentation. It is important to realize that not every image that you find on the web is freely available. Most images are protected under copyright, and the use of these images without permission is illegal. This includes images that you may find on Google Images, Flikr, tumblr., etc.

There are dozens of websites dedicated to freely accessible images and other media that are perfectly legal. Below, I have included a short list, and each site allows browsing and searching for images. Often times, images from these sites are at a higher resolution than ones that you may copy-paste from online.

Wiki Commons
Life Magazine Images Archive from Google
Library of Congress Digital Image Archive
Wikipedia Here you will find a full list of other public domain image repositories.

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