Teen Tech Tip of the Week #15: Vita Tech 
Welcome back to a New Year. Our first post of 2013 is for those who couldn't get enough of BBC's Planet Earth or Blue Planet or who are interested in learning more about biology and zoology.

Below are various resources that give you a closer look at all life on Earth.

National Geographic
Browse through some of the Earth's more popular creatures, both past and present, and learn basic information about habitat and life cycle.

Tree of Life
This online database of biodiversity contains information of the evolutionary relationships of all organisms. Researchers and contributors at the ToL Project work under the goal of displaying an entry for every organism on the planet current and past.

Catalogue of Life
Species 2000 and The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) have teamed up for the most comprehensive taxonomic catalogue.

Encyclopedia of Life
This show stopper is the product of Edward O. Wilson's award winning TED speech calling for an online database to catalogue every species currently on the planet. While not the first endeavor to do so, this is the most robust effort complete with various forms of multimedia for each creature.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)
This data retrieval system aggregates an extremely comprehensive set of geospatial information about life in the oceans. Be sure to check out the how-to's and use this powerful resource to its fullest.

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #14: Foreign Language Tech 
With the holiday break starting and the New Year less than two weeks away, why not get a head start on your New Year's resolution by learning a new language?

Below are several free resources that can aid you in learning a new language. Each of the resources is interactive and community-based aimed at making a lasting impression on your learning experience.

Your Library

Downloadable Audiobooks
In Week #12, we learned about downloading audiobooks to your computer or device. Your library has recently added downloadable audiobooks from Pimsleur for dozens of world languages that are now available for check out.


BBC Languages


Babbel Apps
Hello-Hello Apps

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #13: Cloud Computing 
Ever forgotten your flash drive or wish you had an easy way to access all your documents without the need for physical storage? This week we we learn how cloud computing provides you with full access.

Cloud computing is a term that means the use of computer resources that are accessible from a network. For our purposes, that network is the internet.

Use of a cloud drive allows you to easily store and access your calendar, text documents, pictures, videos, and music files from devices with an internet connection. Storing your files in a cloud gives you ease of access, allows for easy disaster recovery, and makes sharing more simple. All of the cloud drives below require a user login, but are free.

Google has a full suite of cloud applications for your computer or Android powered device:
Drive upload or create text, spreadsheets, presentations, and artwork
Picasa upload and share all of your photos
Google Play take your music, eBooks, and eMagazines on the go

SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud drive that allows you to keep Office files and your photographs at your fingertips anywhere you go.

iCloud is Apple's cloud computing service that allows you access to files, photos, apps, eBooks, and music with your computer or iOS.

Drop Box works like any other file folder on your computer, except that it syncs with all other computers or devices that have your drop box, including your online account.

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Teen Tech Tip if the Week #12: Digital Media at Your Library 
Welcome back. We hope that you found some cool podcasts to listen to. Last week, the library announced the launch of our new eMagazine collection, and we thought that it would be a good idea to reflect on all of the digital media that your library has to offer.

Downloadable Audiobooks

Click here to launch OneClickDigital from Recorded Books. Here you can download ebooks to listen to on your computer or mp3 player. There is a large selection of interesting books that you may find helpful on a long road trip, and the extensive collection of classics might help with books that you need to read for school.


Click here to get to the library's landing page for all things eBook. You can find all that you need to browse, checkout and download books on eReaders, tablets, iPads, iPods, and smartphones. Be sure to check out the instructions and FAQ's for your device.

Click here for more free eBooks that you can permanently download on the web. Mostly classics here, but that's a great way to get free books for school.


Click here to access the library's brand new eMagazine collection brought to you by recorded books and Zinio. You can access and enjoy 160 different titles on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #11: Podcasting 
Welcome back from the break. We hope that you were able to use the last topic to cook up a storm. This week we will look at Podcasting.

Podcasting is a general term for any sort of web-related, episodic audio content or radio that can be streamed or downloaded to computers, mobile devices, or smartphones. In many ways, a Podcast is like an audio version of a blog. There are thousands of podcasts currently being broadcast from around the world and pertain to just about any subject imaginable. Many radio programs are available as podcasts after the show has aired.

Whether you are going to listen to a Podcast on a device or on your computer, you will need to use a particular type of app called a "podcatcher." These programs allow you to subscribe to a podcast and will automatically aggregate and download episodes to your device. Here are some free programs for popular platforms:


If you use Apple products and iTunes already, this is a non-brainer. Search online for a podcast an paste the URL into the "Subscribe to Podcast" option under Advanced. You can also use iTunes to search for other casts.



Home Computer

iTunes is freely for Mac and PC and can be used to subscribe to podcasts.

Cool Podcasts

This American Life
The Splendid Table
Selected Shorts

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