Teen Tech Tip of the Week # 18: Weather Tech 
We were planning on saving this one until the spring, but due to last week's interesting weather developments (tornadoes and snow in the same week!), we thought that it would be a good idea to share it now. Let's take a look at some tech to keep you safe during inclement weather.

Weather Forecast on the Web

Get up-to-date weather information and what to expect for your area on the web:

Weather Underground
Weather Channel

Weather Apps

Take weather information with you and get updates on the go with these mobile apps:

Weather Channel

Weather Underground


Weather Blogs

For a more in depth look at weather forecasts (including map data), check out these weather blogs from local news teams:

Fox41 Weather Blog
Wave3 Weather Blog
WHAS11 Storm Team Blog

Social Media

Meteorology is field that relies heavily upon data recorded from Doppler radar stations (pictured above) to forecast weather. Eyewitness accounts are also very important, because they allow meteorologists to verify what data suggests may be happening in an area.

Social media is taking over that process in a very interesting way. Check for your favorite local meteorologist or the National Weather Service on Facebook or Twitter. You can receive updates in your news feed and see photos/video of weather events happening in your area. This may provide for quicker and more direct safety preparedness. You can also contribute as an eyewitness, but make sure that you exercise safety above all else.

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Community-led Filmmaker Workshops 

We want to take the opportunity to share the following information about our upcoming community-led filmmaker workshops in support of the upcoming teen film festival. We are looking forward to having a lot of fun and hope to see you all there!

Where Do You Start?

Saturday, February 2, 1 pm, Job Shop Classroom
Kick off the Louisville Young Filmmakers Festival by learning the basics of filmmaking with the Speed Art Museum Youth Apprentices.

Improv in Film

Saturday, February 9, 1 pm, Job Shop Class Room
Want to be in a movie? Take part in the LYFF’s original film experiment and be featured at the red carpet event. Join in an acting workshop with Louisville’s own Project Improv. Actors, directors and tech crew needed—costumes welcome.

Green Screen and Teleprompting

Saturday, February 23, 1 pm Job Shop Classroom
Master the art of green screening and teleprompting with Beargrass Media and take your film project to the next level.

All workshops are to be held at the the Main Library Branch and are for teens ages 12-19.

Click here for more information on the the Louisville Young Filmmakers Festival and don't forget to get your submissions in by March 1.

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #17: Is this Local?! 
Welcome back to the Blog. Let's take a moment and be thankful that we all live in a city so committed to local health and economy. Below are some resources to help you get more from your city!

Louisville Metro Site

Healthy Hometown - Find a farmer's market, go on the hike/bike, and read the State of Food report
Bike Louisville - Map a bike route, brush up on bike laws, and see the city's bike plan
City of Parks/ Louisville Loop - Find activities to do all around Louisville, literally
MetroFest Calendar - See what events are going on around town

Louisville Apps

Get on the spot information, report a problem, and take Louisville Metro on the go with these apps:

Louisville Mobile App
Louisville 311 and MSD

LFPL App - Check on your library account, search for eBooks, find the branch nearest to you and generate a map

KY State Parks App

Louisville is truly a city of parks, 122 in fact. Use the State Parks app to explore more of the parks that the Commonwealth has to offer.


(See if you can find the name of the state park located within Louisville, and post your answer below!)

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Tech Tech Tip of the Week #16: Infographics 
Tired of the same old PowerPoint presentation? Looking for an alternative or something to impress your audience? This week we will talk about new ways of creating fun visual presentations.

(that's no typo!) This theme-based web app allows you to create a stylish, customized graphic to present any data.


This social networking site allows you create an interactive poster complete with various forms of multimedia, like embedding a song or a video clip from YouTube.


This web app is the hip new thing. Prezi allows you to present you thoughts in motion enabling you to tell a more compelling story with you presentation. Unlike PowerPoint (which only allows you to move from point A to point B), Prezi's zooming user interface allows you to display and navigate through your presentation media. It's like giving somebody a map to your ideas, not just directions.

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #15: Vita Tech 
Welcome back to a New Year. Our first post of 2013 is for those who couldn't get enough of BBC's Planet Earth or Blue Planet or who are interested in learning more about biology and zoology.

Below are various resources that give you a closer look at all life on Earth.

National Geographic
Browse through some of the Earth's more popular creatures, both past and present, and learn basic information about habitat and life cycle.

Tree of Life
This online database of biodiversity contains information of the evolutionary relationships of all organisms. Researchers and contributors at the ToL Project work under the goal of displaying an entry for every organism on the planet current and past.

Catalogue of Life
Species 2000 and The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) have teamed up for the most comprehensive taxonomic catalogue.

Encyclopedia of Life
This show stopper is the product of Edward O. Wilson's award winning TED speech calling for an online database to catalogue every species currently on the planet. While not the first endeavor to do so, this is the most robust effort complete with various forms of multimedia for each creature.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)
This data retrieval system aggregates an extremely comprehensive set of geospatial information about life in the oceans. Be sure to check out the how-to's and use this powerful resource to its fullest.

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