Teen Tech Tip #31: Zinc and Copper Make Battery Cells Elemental  
Welcome back to the blog. This week involves a really fun experiment that lets us see the basics of how batteries work. First, check out his video from Rig it Yourself 101.

What's Going on Here?!

It is pretty simple actually. We have three different common household fruits: banana, orange and apple. Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) nails are inserted into the acidic fruits (apple and orange) and the nails are connected through the banana with small metal wires. Lastly, a simple 5 Volt USB cable is being used to charge an iPod.

So How Does It Work?

The energy that we get to charge our iPod is coming from an electron exchange in the metals between the fruits. Both nails are undergoing a chemical reaction caused by the acid in the citrus fruits. The Zn atoms are being dissolved into Zn ions that are positively charge (give two negatively charged electrons). The Cu nail has an oxidized tarnish (Copper Oxide) that dissolves in acid. The Copper ions attract the negatively charged electrons to neutralize the ions into Cu metal.

The banana is necessary, because it is relatively neutral (pH) and will continue to conduct the electron flow. This creates a circuit. The USB cable is able to enter the circuit and continue the electron flow and receive enough of an electrical charge to briefly charge an iPod.

How Does this Compare to a Battery?

Technically this would be considered a fuel cell, but the idea is very similar. In fact, the type of fuel cell that we see created is very similar to the very first chemical battery invented in 1800 by Italian physicist Count Alessandro Volta, namesake of the volt. His design is the foundation for the modern battery.

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  • Fuel Cell
  • Volta, Alessandro

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    Join us for Animecon X! 

    Main Library, Friday, August 2, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

    The Louisville Free Public Library is celebrating ten years of Animecon! The annual convention is a day-long celebration featuring anime-themed activities, games, contests, and more - FREE.

    Highlights of this yearís event will include a performance by the Cincinnati-Dayton Taiko Drumming Group, a workshop on stop-motion animation, the annual ramen noodle eating contest, costume contests and anime screenings.

    This event is free - Click Here to register or call 574-1620.

    Teens ages 12-19.

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    A Fresh Start to Superhero Comics 
    If you havenít grown up reading superhero comics the hardest part is figuring out where to start. Trying to choose your first title can be daunting: so many characters, years of storylines, learning what is or isnít canon, etc... As an aspiring superhero comics reader I was at a loss, until I discovered The New 52 from DC Comics. The New 52 cancelled all of DCís existing storylines and began a ďsoft rebootĒ of popular series, starting over from issue #1. This allows you to start a series from the beginning but also offers a reference point for learning about older comics related to the new titles. Many of The New 52 titles are worth checking out, especially if you have a favorite character, but Iím going to tell you about two of my favorites and additional titles to read when youíre done.

    Batgirl Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection (The New 52).
    Barbara Gorden/Batgirl might be a protťgť of Batman and the commissioner's daughter, but she can hold her own in Gotham City. Sheís a master of karate and a genius to boot. The Darkest Reflection begins shortly after Gorden recovers from three years of paralysis. She is racked with survivorís guilt and has flashbacks to the night she opened the door to find the Joker, who then shot her and left her to die. Gorden struggles to overcome posttraumatic stress disorder and regain her physical and psychological strength while reentering the crime fighting scene. Youíll learn about other members of the Bat Family and get a glimpse into Batmanís extended universe.

    Further Reading

    Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore.
    The Killing Joke details the events following Barbara Gordenís shooting. The open-ending will give you the creeps and send you searching for the sequel (spoiler, there isnít one).

    Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds by Gail Simone.
    After she is paralyzed by the Joker, Batgirl the crime-fighting librarian becomes Oracle the wheelchair bound computer genius and hacker extraordinaire. Oracle leads the Birds of Prey, a team of crime fighting women involved in global espionage.

    Swamp Thing Vol 1: Raise Them Bones (The New 52) by Scott Snyder.
    Swamp Thing plays homage to classic b-movie horror films and he is THE environmentalist super hero (move over Captain Planet). In some versions of Swamp Thing, the character is Alec Holland turned monster from the swamp but Snyderís antihero sticks to the Alan Moore backstory of a plant creature with the memories of the deceased Alec Holland. In this story, he has regained his human form but cannot forget his time as Swamp Thing. This story is pure horror as Holland finds himself in an age old battle between the Green and the Rot.

    Further Reading

    Anything by Scott Snyder, he seems to be writing every new DC title and with his talent itís clear why.

    Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore.
    This graphic novel should sway anyone who doesnít believe comics can be high art, while remaining true to its roots in pulp horror. Read this Alan Moore masterpiece, then read everything else heís written.

    What was the first superhero comic you read? Do you have a suggestion for new comic readers? Have you enjoyed any of The New 52? Let us know in the comments.

    -Ruth Houston, Teen Services, Teen Underground @ Main

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    Dust Off Your Dancing Shoes: National Dance Day is Coming! 
    Are you the first one on the dance floor? Have you been wanting to learn some new moves? Get ready to show off your best dancing skills because National Dance Day is July 27th. The Dizzy Feet Foundation is sponsoring this day-long dance marathon, and their website has some great videos of dances you can learn choreographed by the cast of So You Think You Can Dance?

    Your Dance Routine

    The Dizzy Feet Foundation would also like you to upload videos of your own dance routines to their website and show America how you like to celebrate National Dance Day.

    Where can you find music to create your awesome dance routines? At your local library of course! Did you know that all of our branches have popular albums by artists such as Ke$ha and Justin Timberlake? Whether you like to pop, shuffle, or pirouette, we have the music you need to choreograph the next dance craze.

    For your ballet and jazz routines, you can take advantage of the libraryís free music streaming service Naxos, which offers more than 82,850 CDs that feature classical and jazz music if hip-hop and popping just arenít your style. You can even make themed playlists of your favorite dance music.

    Take some time this summer to celebrate National Dance Day and get moving! Also remember that the library has a lot more to offer than books. We have a great selection of music including some artists that may surprise you!

    -Lynn Johnson, Childrenís Services Supervisor, Westport Community Library

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    Discovering Hope: a Summer Book Review 

    Shawn Goodmanís Something Like Hope is a beautifully sad story that captivates its readers. Its main character, Shavonne, can only be described as interesting. She is often conflicted by determining the better option: right or wrong. And she usually opts for wrong.

    As a confused teen girl who is locked up in a mental institution, she feels as if wrong is the only option. She is close to being released and simply does not want to be. The hospital is all she knows. It is her comfort zone, and she has no desire to step out of it. That is until she meets Mr. Delpopolo. Heís her new therapist and the only one who does not hold her situation against her. He treats her like a person and not a patient.

    Can Mr. Delpopolo get her to open up about the secret that is consuming her? Is he able to convince her that she deserves happiness? Freedom? Love?

    -Alexis, Children and Teen Services, Okolona Branch

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