Teen Tech Tip of the Week #10: Foodie Tech 
This week we are celebrating making it to double digits! With celebration in mind and all the holidays that are approaching, this week we are looking a some cool cooking tech resources.

Since food is best enjoyed with others, we wanted to highlight websites that promote eating as a community function. Here are some sites that are community oriented that allow users to upload and share their favorite recipes and some stunning blogs to whet your holiday appetite. We have also included some free, fun apps to help you choose and prepare delicious recipes.

Social media is a great way to share recipes as well. Add photos of your creation onto Facebook, or organize your favorite recipes into a Pinterest board for all to see.


Cook Teen
Smitten Kitchen


Bake Space
Simply Recipes


All Recipes Dinner Spinner
How to Cook Everything

Social Media


Be sure to share a favorite recipe in the comment section below for a chance to be featured on the LFPL Tech Blog.

We will be taking next week off to celebrate the holidays, but check back with us the week after Thanksgiving for a new addition.

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #9: Make Your Own Blogs and Websites 
Ever wonder how you can make you own blog or website for free? This week we will look at a few fun ways to do so.


Blogger is Google's simple, free way to make and manage your own blog
WordPress allows you to make a stylish, eye-catching blog with all the bells and whistles


Weebly is like PowerPoint for making websites
Google Sites lets you set up a site from pre-designed templates and add gadgets


Codecademy You can teach yourself how to program a website using html and CSS programming languages and build it from scratch. We have been having quite a bit of fun with this over the past few weeks.

Do you have your own blog or website that you would like to share? Paste the URL into the comments section for a chance to be featured on the LFPL Teen Blog.

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #8: Screen Capture 
Welcome back to another week of the blog. This week we are looking at cool ways to capture and share what is on your computer screen.

There are a variety of ways to capture what is on your screen and share it with others. This can be a helpful tool when creating demonstrations or instructional videos. Here are two different ways:

Print Screen Short Cuts (Tip #1)
Use these short cuts to take a picture of your screen and paste it into any document:

'Ctrl' + 'Print Screen' - Windows

'Apple Key' + 'Shift' + '3' (all at the same time) - Mac

This free, simple software allows users to capture images or short videos and lets you add sounds from a microphone. Click on the image above for a short video.

Create a video and share the link in the comments sections below for a chance to be featured on the Teen Tech Tips blog.

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #7: Comics 
I received an email late last week asking me what web software we use at our Make Lab Comics program, and I thought that I would take the opportunity to share my response with the blog. Going along with last week's 3-D sculpting, we are serving up the second part of a one-two punch of digital art projects.

Make Comics with your own digital photographs or drawings. More of a writer than an artist? Make comics using free web-based software stocked with pre-made backgrounds, characters, and props.

GoAnimateómore story oriented

Comic Life
This desktop program was used to create the above comic and is available for use on all Make Lab computers and Teen public computers at various branches.

We have holiday-themed comic programs coming up in November and December, so be sure to check the Tech Connects schedule for upcoming comics programs at the library.

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Teen Tech Tip of the Week #6: Simple, Fun 3D Modeling 
Welcome back to the blog for a bit of fun. This week we will be looking at some really cool free app's that allow you to create digital 3D models on your computer or iPad.

Computer-aided design (CAD) programs have been used since the 1980s for industrial design, automotive and ship building, movie special effects, and architectural design. The rapid evolution in home computers has brought about a rise in simple, hobbyist CAD programs. Today we will look at four free, fun, and simple to use programs. Be sure to check out the tutorial videos listed on each website to help you get started.

Trimble SketchUp Originally as a plugin to Google Earth, SketchUp has evolved into a full-range 3D modeling program created for simplicity.

Autodesk's 123D This desktop hobbyist CAD program is similar to SketchUp, but with more bells and whistles.

123D Sculpt Available on iPad, Sculpt allows you to sculpt digital clay into a 3D model.

123D Catch Available on desktop or iPad, this photo-based CAD program makes 3D models based on photos that you take of an object. You can easily export photos of your model from any angle. The image that you see above was created using iPad photos of the George D. Prentice sculpture located at the Main Library.

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