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Marjorie Case Collins
March 22, 2003
02:58 PM

My project for the semester was to do a paper on Libraries, found your to be the most enjoying, things I never new before, things they don't tell you in school. Keep it comming, you can never learn to much. Sincerly Marjorie Collins

Ruthie H. Pitts
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
February 22, 2003
06:08 PM

Thank you for this wonderful source of information on and about African Americans. I enjoyed it,I will use it and share the source with others.

Barbara Pitts Miller
Williamsburg, Virginia
February 22, 2003
07:46 AM

Thank you for this wonderful and educational web page. I have a deep love for African-American history and am very grateful for the conservation of this priceless history and the work you are doing on the web page. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will spread the word about your wonderful web page.

Barbara Pitts Miller
Williamsburg, Virginia
February 22, 2003
07:46 AM

Thank you for this wonderful and educational web page. I have a deep love for African-American history and am very grateful for the conservation of this priceless history and the work you are doing on the web page. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will spread the word about your wonderful web page.

February 09, 2003
08:43 PM

collins  frempong
Scarborough, ontario
not have
January 13, 2003
02:43 PM

i really want to know everything about yaa asantewaa life since she was born. And i also reguire her book to read. thank you.

Katoya Lowe
Warner Robins

January 08, 2003
05:29 PM

Hi! I whould like to know if you could please help me to publish my book.If you do this for me it will make my dream come true.

C. Bailor
January 04, 2003
08:39 PM

Min.Carnell B. Johnson
Dallas, Texas
December 16, 2002
12:43 AM

Please keep the faith and keep growing. Love always

Min.Carnell johnson
Dallas, Texas
December 16, 2002
12:41 AM

Please keep the faith and keep growing. Love always

Nana Yaa Asantewaa
November 30, 2002
08:27 AM

Thanks for the history and the wonderful online info. It is a valuable repository African American history and research.

Nadja Springer

November 11, 2002
11:15 PM

As an African American librarian, I believe that in order to serve my community today to the best of my ability, I must be knowledgeable about the history of library service to early Blacks of this country. This web site is just one resource that enables me to do just that. Furthermore, it further soldifies the reason why I am essential to the profession. Thanks for such an AWESOME site!

Lisa Williams
October 08, 2002
03:35 PM

This is a wonderful site. I found it to be very interesting. Thanks

Byron C Glapion, USMC
Plano, Texas
September 24, 2002
09:43 PM

Life is a beautiful thing. Stand up for America. Don't be AntiCitizen(One whom would give something not earned, or ashamed to be American).

Shelley Glapion
September 24, 2002
08:14 PM

Thank you for providing us with such a beautiful and educational site.

Ramona Guth
September 09, 2002
08:10 PM

I am a Library Information Science student and this Web site helped me for an assignment. I wanted to write about Mr. Blue's accomplishments, but was not having much luck finding information until I found this site. Thanks a lot!

Gwen McArthur
August 10, 2002
10:58 PM

Your site is fanstatic! I navigated to each page. I belong to an organization Freedom Walk-America which our goals is to transcribe, publish, and promote early African-American probate/vital records. Please visit my family site at

And peace

Eileen Moore
P. O. Box 641
June 24, 2002
09:00 PM

So nice to be able to look up african american history on our very own website.

Charee Calland
June 11, 2002
11:05 AM

I came to this website hoping to find information about my extended family. I have only seen them twice and both were sad occassions. Even though I did not find any material on them particularly, I did enjoy this website. Thankyou.

Gwendolyn Crecy
March 05, 2002
01:05 AM

I was very excited to learn of your website. I'm a grad student majoring in educational technology and hopefully in library science. We have to do a webquest and I wanted to do it on African American History, but wasn't sure what subject to do it on. Well, by visting your website, you are my first choice. I, for one, did not know that this was the 1st African American branch library. I will share it with others. Thank you

Joyce Jones Ricks
Ashland, VA
February 26, 2002
06:54 PM

Bob the Builder
New York
February 08, 2002
10:14 AM

Even though I lied about teh abvove information I really like this site. My favorite is the Childern's Hour stories. I'm very interested in Black History month so I will look thruogh this site for information.

February 08, 2002
10:13 AM

this sight is cool, i like the story hour

January 12, 2002
03:08 PM

November 15, 2001
10:31 PM

Demetra and Arte'sia Watts
October 13, 2001
07:40 PM

This is a great website full of adventure and learning. What a lovely way to spend time with the family

Demetra and Arte'sia Watts
October 13, 2001
07:37 PM

This is a great website full of adventure and learning. What a lovely way to spend time with the family

Demetra and Arte

October 13, 2001
07:36 PM

Ann E.Ward
October 12, 2001
12:54 AM

I came to this wonderful site looking for Mama Yaa. I am proud to see such positive use of the www available to all. The students of the Betty Shabazz International Charter School here in Chicago will get to meet Mama Yaa and sit for "herstory" and now they will be able to visit this excellant place as well. Asant Sana (Thank You)

Ann E.Ward

October 12, 2001
12:49 AM

Kenneth Combs
Warrensville Hgts, Ohio

October 02, 2001
04:19 PM

Very great site. I will revisit.

Dhana Morton
Cincinnati, Ohio 45210
September 13, 2001
11:12 PM


Nedra Brown

August 08, 2001
04:14 PM

Very good site. I'll keep searching for more sites like this.

James Larsen
New York
August 02, 2001
01:26 PM

I was looking for a contact number but was unsuccessful. I am interested in aquiring a list of African American Organizations within a specific U.S. Territory. West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee.

Thank You Very Much,

James Larsen

"The Love Club"
June 30, 2001
06:15 PM

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eugene board
June 28, 2001
09:46 PM

would like to know more

kevin board

June 19, 2001
11:50 AM

i'm new,would like to know more....

Donna Roe
Vanceburg, Ky

June 03, 2001
11:37 PM

Linda A. Thomas

May 22, 2001
03:01 PM

I have always been proud of the Western Library branch for it's relentless efforts.Your staff has always been helpful and your selections for and about African Americans will be cherished by past, present, and future generations. Keep up the great work and services you provided to all of our communities.

Brenda Spencer Robertson
Dallas, TX
April 06, 2001
07:03 PM

I am the first African American to work in the company library at my place of employment (as of 9-2000). I'm a student at TWU working on my MLS. I used your site to complete a reserch paper and loved all I found, especially the pictures. I'm a huge history buff and this was very interesting to me. Great Job!

Kimberly Booker
April 02, 2001
10:42 AM

I would like more information on your African-American ficton collection.

Emma Mayram

March 14, 2001
12:03 PM

From one book lover to another, read The Godless and the Infidels

Guenter Peglau
Cologne, Germany
February 07, 2001
06:13 AM

Wonderful sites, im impressed. Congratulations!

Lee E. Meadows
Ann Arbor, Mich
3:35:58 AM

As an African American Mystery author, I am delighted to know that such a library branch exists and is a formidable service for preserving African American culture and literary contributions. It is my wish to one day see the work of African American Mystery authors viewed as a wonderful area of study for aspiring writers. Visit the African American Mystery web page for a listing of all these wonderful contributors. Continued success to you.

Brittany Willaims
New Albany, IN
10:20:53 AM

Great site. Keep up the great work.

James M. Everett
Aurora, CO
1:16:51 PM

I was raised in the east end and am quite aware of the libraries open for African Americans. I even had the distinct opportunity to know quite a few of the African American Librarians that were part of the system. I, myself even worked as a page, as well as the summer relief librarian at both the clerk and professional level at all the "colored" branches as well some of the ones in the suburbs. My memories of those days and the people who influenced my decision to become a librarian and how I deal with the public is always present. On my return visits home, I stop by the 'one' remaining branch that is still open and think why did the other have to close, it leaves my feeling very sad. However I am glad to see that such a website is online and I can reflect and reminisce about my days and exploits growing up in Shepherd Square, Booker T. Washington, Jackson Jr. High, YMCA banquets, Mrs. Bowers, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Banks, Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. Nelson, and others it gives me a sense of pleasure and and heritage. Thanks so much for the opportunity to "Look Back." Oh by the way I might have been one of the first African Males during the '60 & 70's' to be employed by the Louisville Free Public Library.


James M. Everett, Youth Services Librarian Aurora, Colorado

Soeren Dalsgaard
Florence, Italy
6:15:25 PM

Please help me on this one, dear staff of the website!!: what's the great music ("music3.ra") that downloads, when I log on to your site. Where can I find it?? Hope you'll mail me about it... - Apart from that: Your site is very beautiful, and done with style and the respect the library deserves - Thank you!

Davida C. Blake
11:28:29 AM

Your web site was an inspiration to me. I'll tell everyone I know to visit. Thank you for the information that you have presented.

Jamane Yeager
Reidsville, NC
11:01:16 PM

Nice to see this library is still on earth. I used to visit this library when I lived in Louisville in the early eighties. Keep up the good work.

Mayra Burgos
Norwich, Connecticut
6:55:19 PM

Thank You for all your great work. Will be visiting you again soon.

Kenytta Porter
Adel, Ga
12:53:06 AM

Martin Leter King is my hero he is always true to da game


12:26:50 PM

Patricia Miller
St. Louis, Mo.
7:26:49 PM

This is a great site! My daughter is learning a lot about African-American history. I want to thank you very much.

Vertis Bailey Walker
Atlanta, GA
9:53:10 AM

Great site! Phenomenal information! Keep up the good work!

Natalie S. McKinney
Washington, D.C.
3:45:08 PM

I am glad that I found this cite.

Rudolph Spencer III
Louisville, Kentucky
8:00:55 PM

I'm very happy to find this web site. THANKS

12:02:23 PM

Heather Parker
Broken Arrow
1:47:12 PM

I'm thrilled to have found this site! I was born in Louisville and have collected every piece of info I can about my local heritage- this site will be useful. Please notify regarding display themes on local heritage.

Keon-(James L. Johnson Jr.)
Jonesboro,Ga 30238  (Atlanta)
2:09:31 PM

As a former citizen of Louisville I'm very pleased with sites like this one Even though the Commonwealth of Kentucky is only 7.2% + we still should have a lot more representation than we do, like this. I hope that this site grows, flourishes and that my fellow Afro-American Kentuckians back home and abroad will support programs such as this back home. I would like to see more history and topics about our people back home. (Kentucky and Louisville) Like How many black families in Louisville aren't from Louisville, but are but of the "Great Exodus" from the south. Both of my Grand-daddies were from Kentucky. Boston and Lebanon, Ky. But my grandmothers were and are from North Carolina and Mississippi. My sister's grandmother is from Tennessee. Are there other example like this in Louisville? Also talk about church history. The C. M. E. Church has roots in Kentucky. I'm an S. D. A. so please don't forget to mention the Seventh-Day Adventists if possible. My home church, Magazine Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church is the oldest "Black Seventh-Day Adventist Church in the world." This is significant because the S. D. A. Church in America is predominantly white. Also, we operate the only black private school in the entire state of Kentucky. Unless that has changed. But anyway please continue the good work and uplift the community to what it can be. One of the most vibrant, beautiful, happy black communities in the U.S. This is very interesting I didn't know I'd already been here a year ago. I wrote when I lived in Stone mountain. Down at the bottom. Thanks for saving my comments.

likewise 4
12:08:34 AM

This is great. Thanks

K. J. Colum
San Diego
4:06:03 PM

Can't get enough of our history. Thanks for being here.

Veronica Walker
Lexington, Kentucky
3:36:42 PM

This is a wonderful site! I'm an African America librarian at the University of Kentucky and I just love reading about Kentucky's rich tradition in providing library services and training to African Americans! I hear the video by the same name of your site (A Separate Flame) is also worthy of viewing!!

Wanda Jean Adams
Kansas City, Missouri 64134
6:28:05 PM

Thanks for allowing me to visit!

Jean Richardson
okeechobee, fl
5:03:34 PM

Can't find what I wanted to see. I tried and nothing come up. Please tell Darlene Roby to try and fix it. MOM and DAD

Sharron Ekpe
Pasadena Texas
5:06:36 PM

I am a new learner/email user. How I found this I don't know. I am very glad I did. I work in a library-Pasadena Texas

John H. Green, Jr.
Atlanta, GA
10:27:12 PM

I am really glad to see such a great website. I was born in the West end of Louisville (And Proud of It). Keep up the good work.

John H. Green, Jr. Clark Atlanta University School of Business Administration Finance/Decision Sciences MBA Class of 2000 Home (404) 367-5492 Work (404) 846-7760 Home E-Mail: Work E-Mail:


12:39:22 AM

Fabulous !. It's good to know that Meyzeek received his early education in my home town, and became such an outstanding educator. This is an extremely well designed and documented website. You might consider a connection to the Indiana State University homepage since that was his alma mater.

JMichael Wilson
Tustin, California
10:08:16 AM

I am always glad to run across info about Afro Americans in Louisville. I was born and raised in Louisville.

Christopher Moore
8:35:53 AM

Great site. I plan to visit real soon. Keep up the good work!

Joy Crichton
Minneapolis, MN

2:27:57 PM

I love your site. Thanks for keeping the memory alive.

Cherie Sexton
Spartanburg SC

This site is very educational and also very helpful. I truly enjoy visiting it.

I found you by accident; however, I am taking a history class at U of L, and we are studying history in the 60's which is pretty much about the civil rights movement, so when I found you, naturally I was very interested. I lived the 60's but only learned what was put before me (mostly media). There is so much more to it than I could ever imagine, and I say this shamefully. Thank you for your site. I will cover every detail. Ann Mudge

Ann Mudge <>
Thursday, October 01, 1998 - 3:38:26 pm DST

Allen A. Duncan <>
O'fallon, Illinois
Tuesday, September 08, 1998 - 11:38:39 am DST

During my search through the net, I just happened to notice your website. I am always interested in anything that I can find about Black History. I take pride in my black heritage and like to keep my children informed of where there ancestors came from. I will come back to your site.

Roxanne Villette <>
Wednesday, July 08, 1998 - 11:34:56 am DST

I just happened upon your great site while browsing the web. I have put a link to my web page to your site. One comment I would like to make is about the real player that comes up when you first get to the page. The real player gave me a little bit of a problem, but the site is really well done. My web site is I will most surely be back for another visit. Goodbye, Bill Hayes

Mr. William H. Hayes Sr. <>
Louisville, Kentucky
Thursday, July 02, 1998 - 9:12:09 pm DST

Carldine Estelle <>
Thursday, June 18, 1998 - 8:20:14 pm DST

Dear sir or madam: I'm a Duke medical student, and I just created a website that should be of interest to you. Here's information about the site. The site is called The "Truth About America". The url is This website is a collection of links to sites that tell the untold histories of America's people. It concentrates on Americans of African, Asian, and Mexican/Latin American descent along with Indigenous Americans. Sincerely, Perry Walter Payne, Jr.

Perry W. Payne, Jr. <>
Durham, NC
Wednesday, May 06, 1998 - 4:25:18 am

I'm glad to see our people progress in the world. I visit your Library often. Am doing family research, hope this Library will be of plenty help.
Shirley Wright <>
Wednesday, April 22, 1998 - 9:03:28 pm

I'm originally from Louisville. The Historic Parkland district I'm always glad to see Louisville and Kentucky progress Especially when it pertains to Afro-Americans. Keep up the good community work. I remember they had 3 libraries in the West End but we know what happened to them Please don't let it happen to this one
Keon James L. Johnson Jr.
Stone Mnt, Georgia 30088
Thursday, March 26, 1998 - 1:19:10 pm

Man Hatten
November 29, 2006
11:39 PM

Very interesting info, thank you.