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10620 W. Manslick Rd., Louisville, Kentucky 40118 | (502) 375-2051

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Fairdale Library

The Fairdale Library reflects the Library’s commitment to lifelong learning and serving as an educational and cultural anchor in the Fairdale community. The library employs state-of-the-art technology, has a large children’s section, and makes use of energy efficient and green building methods and materials. The library houses books, DVD’s & Blu Ray’s, music CD’s, audio books and computers, private study rooms, a large community meeting room, and plenty of chairs and tables for quiet research and study.



The library is accessible by wheelchair and there are two accessible parking spots on the left side of the front doors (when facing the doors).


From Snyder Freeway - Take the New Cut exit and turn toward Fairdale. If you get to the Outer Loop, you have gone the wrong way. Go 1.4 miles and you will see the Fairdale Library in front of you. Turn right just before the library, then left into the parking lot.

From I-65 - You can take the Fairdale/Okolona exit and turn right toward Fairdale. Go about 5 miles until you see Wendy's on the right. Turn left at that corner. This is also New Cut Road. Go 1.8 miles - you will see the Fairdale Library in front of you. Turn right just before the library, then left into the parking lot.



After a local petition drive, the original Fairdale branch of the Louisville Free Public Library opened in July 1974. The branch served the community for six years out of a second floor room at Fairdale High School. However, due to budget reductions, the Fairdale Branch closed its doors in August of 1980 along with three other locations. Determined to keep a library in the community, local volunteers maintained a small lending library that mainly consisted of donated materials. The volunteer library was housed in the Fairdale Memorial Playtorium.

After a long wait, the community of Fairdale received a new library in 1998 that was part of the newly renovated Fairdale Memorial Playtorium building. The library served the Fairdale Community in this building space until a new, 7600 square foot, energy efficient, free standing branch opened on March 24, 2012.

See pictures from our opening day celebration on Facebook - click here.

LEED Certification

Built with advanced “green” technologies and eco-friendly architectural design, the Fairdale Library was awarded LEED Silver-certification in August 2013. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an internationally recognized green building certification system providing third-party verification that a building was designed and built sustainably and with low environmental impact in mind. The Library’s green features include geothermal heating and cooling, daylight harvesting interior lighting, environmentally-friendly building materials, and energy efficient windows and fixtures.

Watch the LEED award presentation - click here.

Watch the Library being built - click here


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Last Updated: 10/25/2021