Business Reference Resources

The library's website offers a large collection of business-related links as well as many subscription databases.

We can help you gather information to start your own business, locate suppliers, determine the outlook for an industry, find other companies in your field,contact associations and organizations that serve your industry and more. The Library offers information on:

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Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Sources available: Business and manufacturing directories for Kentucky and AtoZ Database: Contains business & executive profiles. Ideal for sales leads, mailing lists, market research and employment opportunities.


Sources available: Moody and Mergent Manuals of Companies (not current);  International Directory of Company Histories.

General Business Subjects

Sources available: Small Business Sourcebook; Business Plans Handbook.


The Louisville Free Public Library houses one of The Foundation Center's cooperating network of collections located in Kentucky. The Main Library also provides access to the Foundation Directory Online (for use at the Main Library only)


Sources available: Mergent Dividend Record and Standard and Poor's Daily Stock Price Record (1962-1999)

Marketing and Industry Outlook

Data from the Federal government as well as private sources to help profile a geographic area or an industry for potential business.

Sources available: RMA (Risk Management Association) Annual Statement Studies.

Job Search

The Library has a collection of resume and interview technique books.


U.S. Government Publications: The Library is a depository for Federal publications. This provides access to laws, regulations, statistics and census data, and historical references. 

Electronic Collections of Magazines, and Newspapers, Company Profiles, Legal Forms and Investing Aids

Over 700 business and investment related magazines easily accessed through computer terminals.

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Last Updated: 07/26/2022