Candid (formerly the Foundation Center)

For a limited time, LFPL patrons can access Candid's FDO Essential from home.

Foundation Directory Online Essential

Candid offers free, remote access to Foundation Directory Online (FDO) Essential. Simply create an individual account and be granted a day pass that allows you to use FDO Essential remotely in a 24-hour window. A clock at the top of the screen will indicate how much time remains in the pass. After the 24 hours, the clock will show the next date on which you can activate a new pass (every 30 days).

In addition, you will now have access to previously unavailable MyFDO features including the ability to create dashboards and saved searches so that you can return to your work each time a new pass is activated.

Need more time? Visit the Main Library to access the Foundation Directory Online Professional and the Grants to Individuals, which are available on all public computers in the adult section, as well as laptops that can be checked out for use in the library.

A Cooperating Collection of Candid

The Library's Foundation Center is designed to serve the needs of a broad range of nonprofit organizations: from the grassroots, neighborhood-focused organization to the large institutions; from the volunteer grant seeker to the experienced fundraiser.

The grant seeker will find here current information regarding private and corporate foundations, individual donors, grants awarded in specific fields, U.S. Government funding and grants for individuals.

The Foundation Center, established in 1975, is an affiliate of the Foundation Center in New York City and receives resources and technical assistance from this national clearinghouse.

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Last Updated: 07/30/21