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The Louisville Free Public Library is dedicated to supporting teachers and educators in the Louisville Metro area. Please take a look at all the services we provide to teachers.

Educators card application, plus FAQs.

Educators can apply for an Educator Card, in order to check out items for their classroom. See FAQs for details.

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Reading Lists for Kids and Teens

Library staff have prepared Reading Lists for kids and teens based on topics of interest for each group.

Field Trips to the Library

Bring your students into the library for a field trip, which may consist of a tour, storytime, catalog and research tools instruction or more!:

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Children’s Bookmobile Service

The library is offering limited bookmobile service this summer. Click here for more information.

Professional Development and Resources

Looking for classroom resources or professional development resources? The library offers access to LinkedIn and Treehouse for all card holders. Search here for our curated list of external resources.

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Request a collection of materials for your classroom on specific topics.

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Educator Card FAQs

What is an Educator Card?

An Educator Card is a library card specifically designed for educators to check out items for the classroom.

Who is eligible for an Educator Card?

An Educator is anyone currently delivering curriculum-based instruction to students in a school, before/afterschool, childcare, library, homeschool program, or qualifying non-profit.

How do I apply for an Educator Card?

Click here for the online application or apply for a card in person at your local library branch. Educators must bring proof of residency or qualify for a free card as a non-resident (work, attend school, or own property in Jefferson County). In addition, they must show documentation of current educator status (school ID, business card, or a letter from school on official letterhead). Please notify staff that you are applying for an Educator Card.

I'm a Homeschooling Parent. Do I qualify for an Educator Card?

Yes, you do. You must provide proof of residency; however, you can prove educator status by showing membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) or other homeschool associations or a copy of letter notifying the local school district of intent to homeschool.

How many items can I check out?

You may have up to 100 items checked out at once on your Educator Card. Remember: you are personally responsible for all items checked out on your Educator Card.

How long is the check out period?

The check out period for items on an Educator Card is 30 days (not including 7 day items such as CDs and DVDs).

I already have a library card. Can I have an Educator Card too?

Yes, you can. They are two separate cards and accounts. Your Educator Card is designed for classroom materials. You may not check out personal items on your Educator Card. Items for personal use should be checked out on your personal library card.

When does my card expire?

Your Educator Card will expire one year after you apply for it. You can renew your card by coming into your local library branch with your proof of residency and educator status.

I lost an item/damaged an item/returned an item late that was checked out on my Educator Card. Will I still have to pay the fine?

Yes. You are personally responsible for all items checked out on your Educator Card and for paying all damaged/lost item fees.

I owe more than $10.00 in replacement fees. Can I still use my Educator Card?

To be in good standing with the Library, your account balance must be $10.00 or less. While LFPL does not charge overdue fees, you will be charged if items are not returned. You can pay your fees online or in person. Contact your local branch if you require assistance or to set up a payment plan.

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Last Updated: 08/07/2021