COLLIDER Artist-In-Residence Program

The COLLIDER is a space for local artists to take up residence at the South Central Regional Library, work on their craft in a public space, and engage with the public. Twice per year, Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL) and its designated committee will select artists to work out of the space for a period of at least one month, but not to exceed three months. This allows LFPL to nurture an already thriving art community and to encourage creativity and artistry in all citizens.

The Artist Selection Committee will select artist-in-residence for the South Central Regional Library on a semiannual basis. All disciplines including visual, performing, written word, and beyond will be considered for residency. The application deadline is April 5th, 2019. The committee will meet and inform applicants of their status by April 30th, 2019. If you have specific questions about the application, please email

Artist-in-residence will be offered a stipend of $800 per month, with additional funds available for program supplies. The artist will be responsible for holding scheduled studio hours for at least 16 hours per week and for teaching at least three classes during the residency period to the public. Classes can range from art instruction to general information about the art form, and can be geared toward a specific age range or open to all.

Special thanks to Councilwoman Madonna Flood for funding the COLLIDER Artist-In-Residence program.

Artist-In-Residence Application


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Link to webpage*

*The Selection Committee needs to see at least ten (10) representations of your artwork. If you do not have a webpage, attach 10 electronic files (JPEG, PDF, MP3, WAV are accepted) and email to collider@lfpl.orgYou may also include any supporting documents, such as a resume, curriculum vitae, or letter of intent.



Tell us about your art

What type of medium? What have you made and shown before?


Tell us about any art shows or gallery representation you have had in the last 2 years


Tell us about your facilitation/teaching experience

An expectation of the Residency at the South Central Regional Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library is engaging with and educating the public. Have you had any experience teaching classes? Facilitating workshops? Working with youth?


Do you have a specific project in mind for your Residency?

Residency Dates

Most residencies are for a period of one month, but can be granted for up to 3 months. Please explain why you need a longer residency period.


Please indicate all the months that you would be available for a residency.

July 2019
August 2019
September 2019
October 2019
November 2019
December 2019

If selected as an Artist-In-Residence, would you be willing to serve on next year’s Artist Selection Committee?

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