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Choose-your-own adventure

Discover and learn how to use library resources through a series of text-based, choose-your-own adventure games created by our own library staff.

All research for each game was done using materials and databases accessed via Louisville Free Public Library as well as other free, publicly accessible sources.

Note: Players will need their library log in information (card number or username and password) to access all the clues.

Culper Spy Ring and Expedition Particuliere: Save the French Fleet!

Race against time to get a message to Washington as the British plot to destroy America’s new, powerful ally—but don’t get caught. This game is mission based, with several puzzles to solve.

Setting: July 1779

Spies, Stains, and Surprise Attacks: Tryon's Raids and How the Culper Ring Became Professionals

Small observations add up, and the Culper Ring must navigate these as well as a steep learning curve. Be observant and detailed, or you'll get caught in disaster.

This observation and scavenging based game has a choose-your-adventure set up that loops back, allowing players to work through each part of the adventure. (This game is longer than the rest; players can "pause" the game by bookmarking the page they stop on in their browser.)

Setting: January-July 1779

Culpers Check Counterfeit Currency!: Newspapers and Economics During the Revolution

Espionage is about gathering information and recognizing connections, which is what you’ll need to do as you help the Culpers try to thwart British plans to destroy Continental currency and disrupt the American economy and media.

This game is singular mission with fact-finding and puzzle-solving challenges along the way

Setting: Fall 1779- Spring 1780

Arnold's Treason, Andre's Trial: The Staggering Risks of Espionage

It was meant to be a simple conversation, a business deal. But it turned into so much more. Join the Culpers—and some new friends—for one last adventure as they navigate through the treason, execution, kidnapping, pirating, and arson that make up the rest of the epic story surrounding America’s most notorious turncoat.

Setting: Summer 1780- Spring 1781

Reading List

Interested in learning more about the people and places from the games? Download our Reading List, which includes books, audiobooks and videos that you can check out from the library.



Last Updated: 12/30/22