Information Services

In the interest of maximum service to the community the overriding goal of the reference and information function of the Louisville Free Public Library is to provide accurately, efficiently, and pleasantly, the assistance and information products that are required and requested by users, whether in person, by telephone, through our website, or in writing.

In the Main Library

Special attention will be given to patrons using the Public Access Catalog or any other computer resource. Given the nature of rapid change in our computer resources, staff will be available to guide patrons in their use. Staff will also be available to assist in the use of any other library resources.

Telephone Services

Telephone reference service is provided as an added convenience to the community. Patrons should rely upon the JustAsk Telephone Information Center to answer quick questions. When a question is too involved for JustAsk, your call will be transferred to the appropriate Information Services department for additional assistance.

Information Services via our Website

Patrons with internet access either from work, school, or home may send queries to the library via our Ask-A-Librarian service offered through our website. This service is designed for specific questions with brief, factual answers. We will try to have your answer by the close of the following business day. Questions received on Friday will be answered by the end of the work day on Monday.

How will the answer to your question be delivered?

Your answer will be delivered using whatever method you specify. The choices are email, telephone, or fax.

Who is eligible?

Service is provided to everyone. It is not necessary to hold a library card to obtain assistance in the library, via the telephone, or through our website.


Last Updated: 11/8/18