Internet at the Library

Internet Access

The Louisville Free Public Library provides access to the Internet on computer workstations available at every Library location. We offer this service to advance the Library’s education mission as a provider of information and life-long learning.

The Internet contains valuable and varied information resources. It is an unregulated, global information network with materials that reflect a variety of points of view. Internet sites change quickly and unpredictably. For these reasons, the Library cannot guarantee the availability, accuracy or reliability of content for Internet sites other than those directly maintained by the Louisville Free Public Library.

The Library uses a filter to limit access to sites containing sexually explicit materials. The Library does not screen content for language, points of view, or ideas. Users are encouraged to notify Library staff of sites that may have been unnecessarily blocked, and of sites which a user believes meet the filtering criteria.

Policy Statement

There are uses of the Library’s computers that are considered unacceptable and constitute a violation of this policy. These include, but are not limited to:

Printing and Faxing

The Library charges for printing and copying, while faxing is free.

PLEASE NOTE: A temporary charge of $5 will be encumbered when paying for printing and copying by debit or credit card. When your print job is completed or times out, the remaining balance will automatically be refunded to your card. Refunds may take 24-72 hours to appear on your account.

No more than $5 worth of copies can be printed at one time when using a credit or debit card.

Guidelines for using library computers and the Internet

The Library is pleased to offer computer-based services for our patrons. The demand for use of the computer workstations may exceed the available supply. To promote fair and equitable access for all users, the Library may establish time limits and sign-up sheets for workstations. Users may be asked to limit their computer session when others are waiting to use a workstation.

Printing is available from Library computers for a fee. If you have questions or need assistance, please ask Library staff for help.

Staff will provide limited instructional assistance for all users. Users needing additional training are encouraged to sign up for basic Internet classes offered at all Library locations.

Specialized instruction is also available at Computer Learning Centers located at the Main, Shawnee and Iroquois branches. Call 574-1611 for information.

Children and the Internet

As with all Library resources, the Library affirms the right and responsibility of parents and guardians, not Library staff, to determine and monitor their minor children’s use of the Internet. (Minors are defined in this policy as children and young people under the age of 17 years.) Parents are responsible for their minor children’s use of the Library’s resources and facilities. Parents who believe that their children cannot responsibly use the Library’s Internet access are requested to monitor their children’s Internet use.

These safety tips are for all ages:

The Library has links to fun and educational Web sites for children and teens.

Last Updated: 02/07/22