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Chinese Culture and Folklore

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The Magic Horse of Han Gan
by Jiang Hong Chen

The great painter, Han Gan, is asked by a warrior to paint him an amazing steed to ride in battle.

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Rabbit's Gift / A Fable from China
by George Shannon

When Rabbit finds two turnips in the winter, he tries to give the extra to Donkey, starting a chain of giving with heartwarming results.

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Sam and the Lucky Money
by Karen Chinn

Sam receives the traditional gift of lucky money on Chinese New Year and chooses to spend it in an unselfish way.

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Lady White Snake: A Tale from Chinese Opera = Bai She Zhuan
by Aaron Shepard

In this tale from Chinese opera, a one thousand year old snake demon disguised as a human takes a husband, but is challenged by the abbot of a nearby temple.

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Liang and the Magic Paintbrush
by Demi

Liang is given a paintbrush that will make the things he paints come to life, but is approached by a greedy emperor who wants him to fulfill his wishes.

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The Dragon Emperor: a Chinese Folktale
by Ping Wang

This version of an ancient Chinese legend tells of the Yellow Emperor's triumph over the black dragon in an easy-to-read format.

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Count Your Way Through China
by James Haskins

Presents the numbers one through ten in Chinese, using each number to introduce concepts about China and Chinese culture.

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Millicent Min, Girl Genius
by Lisa Yee

Millicent Min's hilarious journal entries tell the ups and downs of being a certified genius.

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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
by Grace Lin

Minli, a poor child hoping to help her parents, sets out on an enchanting, magical quest to find the Old Man of the moon.

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The Sons of the Dragon King: a Chinese Legend
by Ed Young

When the Dragon King hears bad news about his sons, he visits each and assigns them jobs that utilize their special personalities and talents.

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The Cat's Tale: Why the Years are Named for Animals
by Doris Orgel

Willow and her cat, Mao, are upset when her grandmother omits the cat's role from the story of the Chinese zodiac. Her cat sets the record straight.

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Lon Po Po: a Red-Riding Hood Story from China
by Ed Young

Three sisters staying home alone are endangered by a hungry wolf in this Caldecott winner.


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