Louisville Free Public Library Meeting Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Who may reserve a meeting room?

Community members, non-profit groups, individuals and organizations that are engaged in educational, cultural, civic, or charitable activities may request meeting room reservations.

THE USE OF LIBRARY MEETING SPACE FOR FINANCIAL GAIN IS PROHIBITED. Meeting rooms may not be used for sales or commercial purposes, for the solicitation of business, for current or future profit or financial gain, or for fundraising.

No admission may be charged, and no monies may be exchanged. No requests for donations may be made or fees charged on site. No goods or services may be promoted or sold on Library property. This includes promoting or selling by sample, pictures or descriptions. ALL MEETINGS MUST BE FREE AND OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

Q- Do I have to live in Louisville or have a library card to reserve a meeting room?

No. Meeting rooms are available to patrons regardless of residency. A library card is not required to reserve a meeting room, but signing up for a card is easy to do and offers many wonderful benefits! Click here to learn more: http://www.lfpl.org/get-card.htm

Q- Will the Library charge me to reserve a meeting room?

No. All meeting rooms are offered free of charge.

Q- May I charge my attendees a fee, accept donations, or fundraise?

No. No groups or individuals may collect fees or dues, or accept donations on Library property. All fundraising is prohibited.

Q- How do I reserve a meeting room?

Reservations may be requested by accessing the online meeting room request form, found here, with the Meeting Room Policy: http://www.lfpl.org/meeting-rooms.htm

The form may also be completed in person at the desired branch. A meeting room request form must be on file for any group or organization who reserves a meeting room. This form is to be updated each calendar year, at a minimum.

Q- How far in advance may I reserve a meeting room?

All meetings should be reserved within three (3) days of the meeting date, and no more than three (3) months in advance.

Q- How often may I reserve a meeting room?

Groups may reserve meeting rooms a maximum of one (1) time per week.

Q- May I begin my meeting before the Library opens or stay after it closes?

No. All meetings must be held during regular Library hours. All meeting rooms must be vacated thirty (30) minutes prior to closing.

Q- May I serve food or drinks during my meeting?

Food permission requests will be granted or denied in writing. Light refreshments may be served during your meeting if a) you request to do so in writing and describe what you are intend to serve and b) the food and beverages are approved for Library spaces.

These items are not permitted:

No juices or sodas that stain

No heating elements such as crockpots, sterno cans, candles, percolators, or hotplates

No buffets, potluck set ups, or catering deliveries (unless approved by the Branch Manager at a location with adequate facilities)

No wine, beer, or any other alcoholic beverages may be consumed, served or displayed at any time

Groups must bring all necessary utensils and serving supplies, and must clean the meeting room prior to departing. Refreshments must be served and consumed in the meeting room ONLY, and disposed of in appropriate waste receptacles.

Failure to appropriately clean after serving may result in suspension of the right to reserve meeting rooms in the future.

Q- Is there a fee involved if I cancel my meeting room reservation?

No. The Library does not charge fees for meeting room cancellations. However, if you neglect to notify us and do not arrive for your reservation, future meeting room requests could be denied.

Q- Will Library staff help me set up my meeting room or run my technology?

No. Unless confirmed otherwise in writing, the Library does not provide maintenance or custodial staff to set up furniture or to clean up after meetings. Technical staff is not available to set up or assist with technology use during meetings. Please ensure that your group reserves enough time to allow for setup and cleanup, and that you are aware of the aspects of technology available in you meeting room.

Q- Is Wi-Fi available in meeting rooms?

Yes. LFPL offers free, unsecured Wi-Fi at all branches. No password is required. Look for LFPLGUEST on your device(s) to connect.

Q- May I host a party or reserve a private room at the Library?

No. Meeting Rooms are not available for entertainment, parties or celebrations, or for private use. This includes social events such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, reunions or showers. Meeting rooms cannot be reserved for private conversations such as interviews, counseling, therapy, or mediation. Any conversations such as these must remain open to the public.

Q- May I host a health seminar to offer free medical testing or give out free medications?

For health and safety reasons, the Library cannot permit medical testing of any kind that involves blood draws, saliva swabs, or other procedures that involve the collection of bodily fluids.

Testing procedures such as blood pressure monitoring, weigh-ins, etc., and the free distribution of medications may be permitted, but must be determined on a case-by-case basis and approved in writing.

Q- May I show a movie at the Library?

Possibly. As long as you are able to provide proof of public performance rights, in writing, you may use an equipped meeting room to screen a film. If you are the screenwriter/director/producer of the film, this must be stated in writing.

Q- May I create a flier or poster to advertise my meeting?

Yes, but there are requirements you must follow.

Q- Will the Library post my meeting flier at a branch or share it on the LFPL website for me?

With appropriate approval and if room allows, meeting room fliers may be posted on the branch community boards. The Library cannot make copies of fliers to post, and the LFPL website cannot advertise meetings.

Q- May I reserve a room for religious or political study/discussion groups?

Yes. Groups studying or discussing religious or political topics are welcome. All study and discussion groups must remain free and open to the general public.

Q- May I come set up early and leave my materials or belongings in my assigned meeting room, or leave my belongings in a meeting room overnight?

No. Meeting rooms often have multiple reservations, and as such cannot hold personal belongings for a group before or after the reserved meeting time. Additionally, LFPL cannot be responsible for any loss or damage of your property, and cannot provide personal storage for those who reserve meeting rooms.