Short Courses - Class Outlines

xAn American Classic: The U.S. Constitution

Constitutional Congress 1787

U.S. Constitution

The Bill of Rights


WEEK 1 - Oct. 17:  What did the Founding Fathers have in mind as they wrote the U.S. Constitution? The class will read it together with their perspectives in mind.

WEEK 2 - Oct. 24:  A look at the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

WEEK 3 - Oct. 31:  In what ways have additional amendments shaped the Constitution – and life in the United States -- today?

WEEK 4 - Nov. 7:  Constitutional interpretation in action – including the role of all three branches of government and the impact of election results the night before. While the Supreme Court is often considered the sole interpreter, in fact Congress, the President, and even all the states do interpretation each time they act.

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xMusic in the Black Church

Dr. A.T. Simpson


WEEK 1 - Oct. 9: The Black Church in Popular Media

  • Includes a live performance by Barry Lawrence, Chairperson of the Vocal Music Division of the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts and a founding member of the Black Classical Artists of Louisville.

WEEK 2 - Oct. 16: The ‘Traditional Negro Spiritual’

WEEK 3 - Oct. 23: The Gospel Revolution(s): Pro and Con

  • Includes a live performance by baritone Phillip Morgan, the 2010 Collegiate winner of the Bellarmine Chorale’s Black History Month Festival of Music’s Traditional Negro Spiritual Vocal Competition.

OPTIONAL - Oct. 28: Join Dr. Simpson for the Why Just In February? Concert Series featuring traditional negro spirituals, 4 p.m. at Central Presbyterian Church, 318 W. Kentucky.

WEEK 4 - Oct. 30: Implications for the Black Church of the Present .  .  . and the Future!

OPTIONAL - Nov. 4: Join Dr. Simpson and his Bellarmine University "Music in the Black Church" class as they attend a service at St. Stephen Baptist Church, 1018 S. 15th St.











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